August 29, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge Turn It Around

 Purchased by me.

Yet another beauty that has been languishing in my untrieds dungeon drawer. I actually purchased Rescue Beauty Lounge Turn It Around during the pre-sale for the Emoting Me collection, but I've been saving it because it seems like a fall color to me. A moody shade of moss green, Turn It Around has really strong, beautiful pinky copper shimmer. Unlike a lot of RBLs, the shimmer in this one is NOT hidden! I'm really happy about this, because the shimmer is what makes this polish stand out in my collection. It's chunkier shimmer than RBLs usually have too, as you can see in the macro below.

I used three coats for these pictures. It might be a two coater, but my bottle has a totally weird brush and I was struggling to use it. It seriously looks like a dog chewed on the ends. As far as I could tell, the formula seemed good, but I hope my brush was just a one off bad one, because it made application very tough.

Turn It Around is still available at I can't decide if I want any polishes from the Blogger 2.0 collection. I kind of like NailsandNoms, you know I love orange. And I want Scrangie 2.0, but that's sold out. Did you get any Blogger 2.0 polishes? 

 Purchased by me.


Sarah from WI said...

I love this one, it's so pretty. I got a wonky brush in my bottle of RBL Pause, and was send a replacement brush. It never hurts to ask :).

Sarah from WI said...

*sent :/

Never Enough Nails said...

I might do that Sarah, I usually just suck it up, but this one is bad! And the polish is so beautiful, I know I'll want to wear it a lot!