August 27, 2013

Chanel Alchimie

 Purchased by me.

Hmmmmm... either Chanel is on a roll lately, or I have turned into a giant sucker. I usually get maybe one Chanel polish a year, if that, but so far in 2013, I got 3! I received Taboo from the spring collection and Azure from summer through swaps, but I actually went out and purchased Chanel Alchimie from the fall collection. It's mysterious shimmery olive taupey-ness just made me need it. Alchimie is one of those polishes that doesn't seem to be strongly one color or another. It's olive green, but it's also silvery, gold-ish, maybe a tad taupe in some lights, it's definitely hard to pin down.

Alchimie has a great, highly pigmented formula. I used two coats for these pictures, but it was pretty much opaque in one coat! It was nice and easy to apply. You can see some brushstrokes in these pictures, but I feel they were less obvious in person. However, if you are really anti-brushstrokes, you may not love this.

Chanel Alchimie is part of the Fall 2013 Chanel collection, Superstition, and is still available at, Macy's and several other places. I also picked up the eye shadow quad from the collection, because I am apparently Miss Moneybags over here. Oops!

Purchased by me.

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Julie said...

This is so pretty. I have never tried this kind of color so I would love to try it out. I find it classy which makes it perfect for any occasion.

Never Enough Nails said...

It is almost neutral looking in a lot of lights, Julie, so that definitely makes it classy. Neutral with a bit more interest! I would absolutely recommend it!