June 29, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Santa Fe Road

By now, you must all know that I require every orange polish ever made. I have so many oranges, and still, I find a way to justify buying another one. Rescue Beauty Lounge Santa Fe Road is the first orange polish from RBL, so I definitely needed it for historical purposes. Santa Fe Road is from the new and gorgeous Georgia On My Mind collection.

Santa Fe Road is absolutely unique in my vast assortment of orange polishes. It's kind of peachy looking outside in sunlight and has beautiful green-ish iridescent shimmer running through it. Inside or in shade, it looks more light pumpkin colored (see below).

Indoors or out, this is one amazing polish. It's very different and has that smooth shimmer that Ji is famous for. This is two coats and the formula was good. It was a tad thicker than I had expected, but not at all difficult to work with. If anything, the thickness ensured it wouldn't pool into my cuticles.

Gah.... look at it!!I am 100% in love with Santa Fe Road. I hope RBL makes many more oranges in the future, because this one is excellent.

The Rescue Beauty Lounge Georgia On My Mind collection should be available to order sometime next week, probably toward the end of the week. Check out rescuebeauty.com to sign up for their email notifications.

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