June 24, 2012

Born Pretty Store Silver Foil and a Slytherin NOTD

When I was thinking about what polish color to pair with Born Pretty Store's silver foil, I couldn't get past the combo of dark green and silver. And dark green and silver are Slytherin colors, so here's a Slytherin mani!!

Born Pretty Store's foils are really good for an easy nail art look. For this mani, I ripped up the silver foil into small pieces and spread the pieces out onto a piece of paper. Then I painted on two coats of Zoya Envy. When Envy was mostly dry, I used my fingertip to pick up one foil piece at a time and place it on the tip of my nail. After applying all of the foil, I finished the look off with a layer of top coat.

I really like using this foil. It's easy and fun!! Someday I'm going to try covering my whole nail in pieces of foil so a bit of the base color peeks through. And I'll do it in red and gold for you Gryffindor fans out there.

This nail art foil is available now at Born Pretty Store. Don't forget to enter the code "ERJ61" at checkout for 10% off your order!

Speaking of Slytherin and Gryffindor, I just joined Pottermore. I haven't had much time to explore it yet, but I will later in the summer. If you're on Pottermore, my name is PhoenixSparks5772 and I don't have any friends yet!!

Born Pretty Store silver foil was sent for review. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.


Heather @ Peace, Love & Polish said...

I think it would be awesome if you did little specks of the foil, like if it were a top coat!

Never Enough Nails said...

That's what I was thinking! Just teeny specks all over the nail!