June 27, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creatures Haul

I have been anticipating the MAC Heavenly Creatures collection for a few months now. I LOVE MAC mineralize products, and usually their summer mineralize collection is my favorite collection of the entire year. When Heavenly Creature appeared on the MAC website almost a week early (this past Monday), I jumped at the chance to get my products earlier than expected. I also had a code for free overnight shipping, so I got my order super fast as well. Heavenly Creatures is a large collection with lots of color products, as well as skincare. Here were my first round picks (I may go back for seconds after another paycheck):

I picked up two of the four Mineralize Skin Finishes (MSFs), Center of the Universe (left) and Star Wonder (right). MSFs are great all-over color for the face and I am pale enough to often wear them as blushes. They have a beautiful sheen and I always think I look healthier when wearing an MSF.

I also got this gorgeous Mineralize Blush, Supernova. Supernova already sold out on the MAC site, but you will be able to get it next week at your local MAC counter, and there's always Macys.com, Nordstrom.com, etc. There are three other Mineralize Blushes in this collection.

Above are 2 of the nine Mineralize Eye Shadows (MES) from the collection. Nine was overwhelming to me at first, so I just got these two- Magnetic Attraction (left) and Universal Appeal (right). I will probably get another MES or two from Heavenly Creatures because I do love them.

I only got 2 of the five Cremesheen Glasses, but this is another area where I'll probably grab a few more. I love the Cremesheen Glass formula. That's Astral on the top and Meteoric on the bottom.

Finally, the one skin care product I got is Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. I got this when it was last released, I think with the Style Black collection in 2009, and loved it. This is definitely not exfoliation for sensitive skin, but my skin likes these grainy scrubs. The crystals in this do melt away so it isn't too harsh as long as you don't rub too hard at first. Many people also find the smell to be odd, so sniff it at your counter before purchasing. I will most likely buy another 2 tubes of this if it doesn't sell out too quickly.

And now for the swatches!!!! Universal Appeal MES is more purple... my camera didn't feel like accurately representing the color I guess.

Center of the Universe MSF

 Center of the Universe, Star Wonder, Supernova (in shade)

 Star Wonder


 Center of the Universe, Star Wonder, Supernova (sunlight)

 Magnetic Attraction, Universal Appeal, swatched dry

 Magnetic Attraction, Universal Appeal, (dry)

 top- Magnetic Attraction, bottom- Universal Appeal (dry)

 Astral, Meteoric

 Astral, Meteoric

I haven't done any full looks with the products yet, so hopefully I'll be posting those soon. I did try Center of the Universe on my cheeks quickly and I'm loving it! It gives a beautiful warm glow that isn't too brown or muddy looking. I wanted to get these quick swatches up before stuff really starts to sell out! Everything I purchased looks amazing, I am super pleased with this collection and hope to buy more when I get paid again LOL!!

The MAC Heavenly Creatures collection is available now online at maccosmetics.com. It will arrive on MAC counters on Thursday July 5th. 

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