April 8, 2012

Born Pretty Store Gold Glitter Polish

OK so today I have my second polish from Born Pretty Store. You already know that Born Pretty Store is my go-to place for nail art supplies, but I had no clue that I would love their polish too!! I was very pleased with the first one I tried, the Crystal Sand glitter polish, and I really love the way this look turned out as well. Except for the fact that the polish I received doesn't look anything like what it looks like on the website!! Here is the polish on the Born Pretty Store site. As you can see, the polish on the site indeed has gold glitter with large gold, red, and blue hex pieces. But it's a lot more dense than the one I have. The bottle also looks completely different!!

Now, I really like the one I have. I think two coats of it over Nicole by OPI Others Pale By Kim-parison, an eggshell white, looks awesome and fun!! But I don't think it could ever be full coverage like the one on the site looks like it is! As it was, I had to kind of dab the polish on in places to get the red and blue hex glitter to come out and play.

This is such a fun look though, I'm honestly glad I got this bottle. I have a lot of full coverage glitters and sometimes it's nice to wear a layering glitter!! I didn't know what to layer it over, but then I tried Nicole by OPI Others Pale By Kim-parison and loved this combination!!

So... I LOVE this polish. If you love it too and try to order it on Born Pretty Store's site, I am not really sure which polish you will receive though! I personally think it's worth a try though, because I'd be happy with either one of these cool gold glitters. I don't own any gold glitter polish with red and blue hex glitter, so I am pleased to add this to the family. Here's the direct link to the gold glitter polish. Don't forget I have a coupon code for Born Pretty Store on the right side of my page, use the code ERJ61 for 10% off!!

P.S. Happy Easter!! Any big plans for the day? I know lots of families have big, delicious meals and such, so let me know what kind of tasty food you're having!!

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