April 22, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB:2012- ReBeLs Rejoice!!

I followed the whole process of the Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection pretty intensely. When Ji announced her plans for a fan-created collection, I even thought about entering an idea I've had floating around my head for awhile. But, I'm actually glad that I sat back and enjoyed the voting process, finding out who the winners were, etc. Altogether, it was a fun experience for Rescue Beauty Lounge lovers!! The collection was available for pre-order a few weeks ago, and I snapped up Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB:2012, as well as Aqua Lily.

IKB:2012 is a super bright, vibrant electric blue jelly. This polish was inspired by Yves Klein's signature International Klein Blue color. I think RBL did an excellent job of bringing this color to life. Check out these Google Images of "International Klein Blue". Perfect match.

I mentioned that this polish is super bright and I think it actually has some neon pigment in it. It dries sort of like a neon, not matte, but definitely not glossy. With one layer of top coat, however, it becomes super shiny and even more gorgeous.

I used three coats of IKB:2012 for these pictures. I think I did really need the third coat, as this polish is a jelly. It dries VERY quickly though, so it wasn't a hassle to do three coats. Overall, I am in LOVE with IKB:2012. I have heard people compare this with Orly Royal Navy, but I don't remember Royal Navy being this bright. I will have to find my bottle and compare the two for you.

Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB:2012 should be on sale at rescuebeauty.com sometime this coming week. I suggest to subscribe to their email list to stay informed.


BMR said...

I bought the same two polishes as well. I'm waiting until the semester is over to wear mine (one more week!)

This looks so gorgeous! I actually think Royal Navy is darker than this, but I could be wrong.

Never Enough Nails said...

I agree BMR. I think royal navy is quite a bit darker. You will really love wearing this beauty!!

Carly @ Lacquered Lover said...

I don't have any RBL yet but this may have to be my first. It's stunning!

Never Enough Nails said...

It's definitely worth it, Carly! This is a seriously intense blue! I got so many compliments on this mani too.

Heather @ Peace, Love & Polish said...

Royal Blue's are something I lack in my collection. This color is gorgeous!

Never Enough Nails said...

I feel like really good royal blues are not that common! There are a lot of navy blues, and deep blurples, but not so many royals! I'm glad to have this one :)