January 20, 2011

New Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy

Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy, three coats, with flash

I picked up two of the new Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes last week during the Walgreens sale. I got Gray's Anatomy and Party of Five Glitters for the grand total of $2.10! Gotta love Wet n Wild for their budget friendly make-up treats.

Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy, three coats, with flash

Today I have Gray's Anatomy to show you. I'm always looking for fast dry polishes because I constantly am doing my nails 3 minutes before leaving for dinner/a party/whatev. It usually takes me so long to figure what to wear to said event that I end up with no time for nail polish, and you KNOW I can't attend a party with no nail polish!!! I usually rely on my OPI Suedes for this purpose, but I may be using Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy next time! Although I had to do three coats (and possibly needed a fourth), the drying time was super fast! I really didn't have to wait around for this to dry at all. I would say it was dry to the touch in a minute and a half, and dry to the nail in 5 minutes.

Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy, three coats, no flash

This multi-chrome gray is really pretty and different. It's silvery gray, but it flashes pink, green and purple. It is a bit on the sheer side, however. You can see the VNL in those first three pictures. I think the VNL that you actually see in person is more like this last darker picture. The pictures with flash and in sunlight always make polish seem more sheer, so I took a dark picture this time to show the real sheerness. It's not too bad, I could definitely live with it.

Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy, three coats, dim light

I really like this color. I wish it was a tad more pigmented. I guess an awesome multi-chrome color, fast dry AND super pigmented is asking a lot for the less than $2 price tag. Considering the price and it's fast-drying ability, I say this is a Must Have! I mean, how can you skip a multi-chrome polish this cheap??

Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy and the other Fast Dry colors are available at your local Walgreens.

I'll post Party of Five Glitters sometime this weekend. It's really a layering glitter, so I'm experimenting with cool combinations!


Keyada.briana said...

would you say this is a Zoya's Adina dupe?

Tessa said...

I would only want this one for it's name hahahaha! And let the thing be, that the color is amazing aswell!


Never Enough Nails said...

Keyada- No, Adina is more purple, with a stronger green flash. I will post comparison pictures on Saturday for you!

Tessa- the names is this collection are funny! Hannah Pinktana, party of five glitters, LOL.

Never Enough Nails said...

Aww thanks Sammersaurus! I will check it out!