January 15, 2011

Last Nubar For Awhile: Nubar Gold Feather

Nubar Gold Feather- Work Appropriate... OR IS IT?????

Nubar Gold Feather, four coats, with flash

Nubar Gold Feather, four coats, no flash

Alright, so until I order from Nubar again, this will be my last Nubar post. After this, you have officially seen every Nubar than I own, and most of the Nubars EK owns as well. Nubar Gold Feather was a seriously elusive subject in terms of capturing it's beauty in a picture.

Nubar Gold Feather, four coats, with flash

Nubar Gold Feather is a caramel-colored shimmering nude with a TON of green duochrome. I took pictures in every kind of light I could find. Low light, whatever sunlight was available, flash, etc. The green duochrome is what I had a serious problem capturing. I even tried holding my nails at different angles! For some reason, the green looks so faint in most of these pictures. I think the second picture from the top there shows it a little bit. If you look at the bottom left corner of that picture, you can see how green the polish is in the bottle. That's really how it flashes on your nails.

Nubar Gold Feather, four coats, with flash

The really cool thing about Gold Feather is that I think it's work appropriate, unless your office is insanely strict. At most angles that people would see your nails, the polish looks like a very soft nude/caramel shimmer. It would be a natural looking polish for many skin tones. However, if you hold your hand at the right angle, you get this BAM! gorgeous flash of green! I stared at this for hours. I must have looked like a toolbox, sitting there wiggling my hand around and staring at it.

Now, you're probably saying, "EC, why so much VNL?". Well, ladies, that is the downfall of this polish. It is sheer. Very sheer. I did four coats for these pictures, so you can see that this is an actual sheer polish, as in, it will NEVER become opaque. So if you're the kind of person who can't stand VNL, skip this. Personally, I dislike VNL 95% of the time, but this happens to be one occasion where it doesn't bother me. I really hate it with brights polishes, it just looks wrong. But on a soft nude like this, it's kind of OK. Especially when the green flash blinds me so that I can no longer see the VNL.

So that's the last Nubar for awhile. Nubars like Gold Feather are available on ByNubar. Thanks for taking my poll about the ratio of pictures to talking, by the way. I appreciate the feedback!

What's next for you on the polish-buying schedule? I think I'm going to pick up NARS' spring polish, Desperado.

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