January 11, 2011

More Nubars and Some Exciting News!

I have three more Nubars for you today- Peacock Feathers, Violet Sparkle, and Purple Beach. The formula on these was standard Nubar- great! Their polish is always easy to work with. I won't say too much about these, I know you've probably seen them already. I am just trying to get through my backlog of unswatched polishes! I really do love Nubar though, and if you're a fan of duochromes, I think they have the best selection.

Nubar Violet Sparkle, three coats, with flash

First up is Violet Sparkle, a gorgeous purple full-coverage glitter. This is three coats, two might work if you aren't photographing your nails. I can't even tell you how much I love this color. It's absolutely stunning. This is definitely more red in person, less blue. But it's also not a red-purple. I think it's a good balance of red and blue tones, making it flattering on more skin tones. This is a Never Enough Nails MUST HAVE!

Nubar Violet Sparkle, three coats, with flash

Nubar Violet Sparkle, three coats, no flash

Nubar Purple Beach, two coats, with flash

Purple Beach is another of Nubar's fine duochromes. This one is really a multi-chrome, it's purple, gold, green, and maybe some pink in there too. This is only two coats and like Indigo Illusion, I could have used a third for the pictures. It looked opaque in person though. I think I'm just going to always to 3 coats for pictures LOL. Purple Beach is really a pretty polish. I think you could wear it to work too, it's not too flashy.

Nubar Purple Beach, two coats, with flash

Nubar Peacock Feathers, three coats, with flash

Lastly, we have Peacock Feathers. This one is a dark blue/purple and green duochrome. It's less duochrome-y than I thought. The duochrome really shows up best in the sun, which we currently don't have much of here. It's still a really pretty color. I love to wear dark colors, and darks with duochrome are like a bonus! I did three coats here after learning from Indigo Illusion and Purple Beach, this one also looked good in person with only two coats.

Nubar Peacock Feathers, three coats, no flash

All of these beautiful polishes are available on Nubar's website.

Now, for the exciting news- I read on WWD.com this morning that Sephora by OPI will be releasing a GLEE collection sometime this spring!!!! Glee!!!! Where are all my Gleeks out there? I hope they do the collection with a polish based on each character. I bet Mercedes and Tina would have FABULOUS colors! As soon as I get more info about this, I'll post it!

Also, please answer my poll at the top. I want to know if I ramble on too much!


tasha~ said...

I love all these swatches because I never heard of all these polishes before!
I am not a Glee fan (I never saw the show) but I am excited for any new NP collection release! Hihih!

Never Enough Nails said...

I knew there had to be a few people that would find these swatches interesting! Glad you liked them Tasha! Glee is a great show, kind of like a musical on TV, but not at all cheesy!

Janna said...

These are so pretty. I need Nubars, especially 2010.

And I'm SO EXCITED ABOUT THE GLEE POLISH. Bright Lights, Big Color did a post on it too!


Never Enough Nails said...

2010 is incredible Janna! And I am pumped for Glee polish too! I will go check out that post!