January 1, 2011

Polish of the Week: OPI Extra-va-vaganza!

OPI Extra-va-vaganza!, three coats, no flash

2010 was definitely the year of glitter polish going mainstream. OPI Absolutely Alice really kicked it off and the frenzy just continued all year. I was already in love with glitters long before Alice, but Alice really started off a period of time where I wore full coverage glitters almost every single mani. As much as I love glitters, this did eventually get old. I took a good long break from wearing any glitters. I didn't even buy any of the OPI Burlesque collection!!!

OPI Extra-va-vaganza!, three coats, with flash

I did, however, decide to put some of the Burlesque glitters on my Christmas list, and my mom was nice enough to put OPI Extra-va-vaganza! in my stocking. I had originally planned some kind of cool grey ombre mani for New Year's Eve, but then I got the flu. I spent most of yesterday in bed sleeping, but I had to do my nails for New Year's Eve!!! So, I tried out Extra-va-vaganza!

OPI Extra-va-vaganza!, three coats, no flash(blurry, but I thought it showed the blue-green pieces decently)

I am really glad my mom got this for me. It is totally sucking me back into my glitter kick. This is a mix of coppery-gold, silver, pink, and blue-green glitter pieces. All of the pieces are the same size and shape, just like the glitter in Absolutely Alice and Mad as a Hatter. I'm sure you've seen all of the OPI Burlesque glitters before, but I really am loving it, so I wanted to name it Polish of the Week.

OPI Extra-va-vaganza!, three coats, no flash

I missed glitter <3!!!

OPI Extra-va-vaganza!, three coats, no flash


Millie said...

Very pretty! I was late getting into the Alice glitters but was lucky enough to pick them up recently. Have only worn them as accent fingers though. Wearing Show it and Glow It as a full mani right now so removal will be fun. I will use foil but it takes patience to wait around for 5-10mins for the acetone to work!

Never Enough Nails said...

I might pick up Show It and Glow It when I order Sparkle-icious, it looks pretty! Have you tried Zoya Remove+ to remove glitter? It seems much faster than regular remover.