December 22, 2010

Sally Hansen Black Platinum could save you up to $25!

Sally Hansen Black Platinum, three coats, with flash

So how exactly is Sally Hansen going to save you up to $25? Well, if you've got a hankering for Chanel's latest polish release, Black Pearl, Sally Hansen may have a dupe in the form of Black Platinum. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Black Platinum was an early Christmas gift from two of the awesome Irish dancers I teach (thanks girls!). I immediately thought of Chanel Black Pearl when I saw the Sally Hansen bottle.

Granted, I have yet to see any comparison pictures of these two polishes, and I don't own Chanel Black Pearl yet. But if you've seen pictures, like this one on All Lacquered Up, you know they look rather similar! Sally Hansen Black Platinum even has that really slight green duochrome like Black Pearl! All of these pictures show three coats of Black Platinum taken with flash. This was one of those rare colors that actually shows up more true to life with flash. The natural light pictures looked all washed out for some reason. Also, there is no pink in this polish. The pink you see in the pictures is actually the reflection of my freaking pink fleece robe. LOLOL. Great.

The formula on this was good, no complaints. Nice and easy to work with, as long as you're prepared for the Sally Hansen Salon ginormous brush. It takes some getting used to, but it's not really bad. It's kind of a good thing actually. Black Platinum was very smooth-looking too, the picture on ALU looks like Black Pearly may be a tad brushstroke-y. So, if you already own Black Platinum, I would hold off on buying Chanel Black Pearl until some comparison pics surface. It might save you about $25! If you don't own either polish and you're not one to notice subtle differences, I would get the Sally Hansen. You still save something like $17. I was really interested in Black Pearl, mainly because I'm a giant fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies LOL! But I'm definitely not buying it until I see comparisons.

Sally Hansen Salon Polishes are available at drugstores or an Ulta near you. Chanel Black Pearl is available on

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