December 13, 2010

Moon Manicure Mess-up

My first two fingers came out OK...

So after reading on Refinery29 about moon manicures still being trendy this spring, I decided to try one. I bought a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in black, because I really wanted to try the black/nude combo I saw in pictures from some of the spring fashion shows.

Maybe I should have tried less contrasting colors first...

First problem: I had those French manicure sticker guides laying around (see picture), and I thought they would be helpful in the moon manicure. However, the black polish leaked underneath the sticker, ruining any semblance of a half moon that may have existed.

thumbnail with French manicure guide stickers

Second problem: After the sticker disaster, I did the half moons free-hand with the nail art pen. They came out OK, not great though, but I would have been fine with wearing them around the way they were. I put my top coat on the first two nails, fine. I went to put the top coat on the ring and pinkie finger and apparently the polish wasn't dry. The black streaked all over the nude! Boooooo!


So anyway, if I were to do this again, I would maybe try lighter colors first to practice. Also, I would definitely wait a LONG time before applying top coat. I had better practice this look if it's going to be so trendy this spring! Have you tried a version of the moon manicure? How'd it work out?

In case you're interested in trying the French manicure stickers, you can get them at Transdesign.


Tameriska said...

Hi, I was just wondering what the name of the nude polish that you used is, Thanks. Tameriska

Never Enough Nails said...

It's Sally Hansen Salon in Divinity. It was LE from the Fall 2009 Tracy Reese collection. There's one on EBay though-
Thanks for reading!

Julie said...

Love the color combo =) I have a nail blog and just posted about my retro brown and gold half moon manicure, check it out here;