December 19, 2010

Polish Combo of the Week: OPI and Nubar 2010!

I finally got Nubar 2010 for my birthday, even though I've been wanting it all year. I love Nubar, but sometimes I don't order from them often because the shipping is pricey, the polishes themselves are kind of pricey, etc. It doesn't seem worth it if you're only ordering a few polishes. But let me tell you, Nubar 2010 is absolutely worth the expense!!!

with flash

I wore two coats of OPI William Tell Me About OPI to a fancy dinner party this week. The morning after the party, I decided it would be the perfect base for Nubar 2010. I was SO right. The flakies really pop against such a dark background. I LOVE the way these flakies are reddish/orange sometimes and green depending on how you look at them. I tried to capture the green in the photo below, sorry for the blurriness.

I am wearing two coats of William Tell Me About OPI and two coats of Nubar 2010 in all of these pictures. You can see William Tell Me About OPI alone here. I didn't want to take this combination off, but by the time I put 2010 on, I had been wearing William Tell for a few days, so there was some tip wear and a few chips going on. I'll definitely be wearing this combo again soon!

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Aurora's Nails said...

Oooh so pretty! I really want something like this!

Never Enough Nails said...

I couldn't stop staring at it! I also didn't want to take it off!!

Unknown said...

Great combo...I love Nubar 2010