October 12, 2010

Polish of the Week: OPI You Don't Know Jacques

OPI You Don't Know Jacques, two coats, no flash

OK so we've all seen this one before. However, it's still very much on trend with all the other greige-y, purple-y taupes that are popular right now. OPI You Don't Know Jacques is a great staple to have in your collection.

OPI You Don't Know Jacques, two coats, no flash

YDKJ is a taupe creme, in case you haven't heard. It was opaque in two coats and the formula was pure OPI greatness. Some people report seeing some purple tint to the taupe, but on me it looked like milk chocolate. I really don't own many polishes this calm and not bright/glittery/neon/vampy, etc. YDKJ is definitely a good addition to your polish wardrobe if you don't already own it.

OPI You Don't Know Jacques, two coats, no flash

On another note, a follower (thanks girl) let me know that some of my pictures and posts have been copied and posted on another website. I don't mind any readers sharing my posts with others, but please credit me for my own work! If you re-post anything from this blog, please add that it came from Never Enough Nails and link back to this site. I am going to start watermarking my pictures as well. Blah!

I have some good Halloween manis coming up soon, so stay tuned for those!


Saori said...

this one is really one of my favorite color :)

Never Enough Nails said...

I'm so used to glitter and brights, but it is really nice to wear this for a change!

JQ said...

OOoh I totally have to have this polish! everywhere I have looked I haven't been able to find it!

Zara said...

Very pretty! I'll look forward to the Halloween manicures.

Never Enough Nails said...

JQ- I got mine at Ulta not too long ago, if you have one near you. Here it is on Amazon.com also- http://www.amazon.com/OPI-Nail-Polish-Dont-Jacques/dp/B001E25G0W

Zara- I love Halloween, so I plan on doing a bunch!!

Liz said...

i'm wearing this right now too!