April 3, 2010

Polish of the Week: Zoya Erin

Zoya Erin is not a typical Never Enough Nails Polish of the Week. It is sheer, barely there, natural-looking, and probably best used for French manis, which EK and I tend to avoid. BUT, it's named ERIN. LOL. So we had to make it polish of the week.
Besides, it's good to show things on here that maybe aren't glitter bombs or greens.

Three coats Zoya Erin, with flash

I did three coats of Zoya Erin. It's meant to be a sheer polish, so it is obviously sheer. It provides a beautiful peachy-pink shimmer to your nails, making them look healthier. If you work in an environment that is not polish-friendly, this is a great option for you! Also, as I said before, this probably work well for French manicures. The formula on this was perfect, as is the usual for Zoya. No streaking whatsoever (I always have trouble with sheers and streaks!).

If you're looking for a lightly tinted, shimmery polish with a fantastic formula, check out Zoya Erin!

Three coats Zoya Erin, with flash

Zoya Erin is available online at Art of Beauty.


Erin said...

Ooooh, it has shimmer, too! You can't tell that in the bottle!

My name is Erin as well! :D When I learned that (almost) all of Zoya's colors have female names, I popped on over to see if there was an Erin. I was hoping for something a little more *pow!*, but that's alright, I guess.

I'm still deciding whether I want to buy it or not, but it IS very pretty. :)

Erins unite! lol


Never Enough Nails said...

My feelings exactly! I wish it was a little more "me", but I had to have it because it's named Erin LOL!
And the shimmer is a very pretty addition to this sheer polish!