April 8, 2010

Non-Polish: Ole Henriksen blue/black berry enzyme mask

Ole Henriksen blue/black berry enzyme mask

We haven't done a Non-Polish review around here in awhile, and since my nails are still recovering, I figured this was a good time to review my new favorite face mask. Ole Henriksen blue/black berry enzyme mask is a moisturizing face mask made with hyaluronic acid, lavender extract, and blue/black berry extract. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient found in many moisturizing/anti-aging treatments and is supposed to help bind moisture to the skin.

Love that this is a clear gel!

I am usually not a big fan a face masks. I find that they're often either a pain to remove (like the peel off ones), smell funny, or leave your skin tinted green or some other hideous color. This is exactly why I LOVE Ole Henriksen's blue/black berry mask. It is a clear gel with absolutely no color that you rinse off after 20 minutes. No greenish tint to your skin, and no residue left on your face. It smells slightly like lavender, but not overwhelming. The scent doesn't linger on your skin after you rinse the mask off. I can't stand when there is a heavy scent on my face from creams or masks!

Now, onto the benefits for your skin! This mask is really moisturizing. After I rinse it off, my skin looks so much healthier and plumped up. Any dry, flaky patches disappear. While this is not an acne mask, any acne I have looks noticeably better after I use this mask. Make-up applies much smoother as well.

Another great thing about this mask is that is it safe to use under your eyes. My under eye area is extremely dry and constantly needs moisture. I think it's a hassle to use a separate mask for your under eye area, so this is like a hidden bonus in this product. It's not irritating at all to my eye area, and any dry lines I had vanish immediately when I use this mask. The skin under my eyes is so smooth after using this mask, it looks almost like doll skin or over-airbrushed magazine ads for eye cream.

The blue/black berry enzyme mask is $32 for 3.5 oz. I think this is actually a good price considering what a great product it is AND the fact that you can use this as an eye mask! Also, Sephora right now has a special Skincare Challenge for Beauty Insiders. When you purchase 4 skincare products over $20, you get a free "featured reward product". This mask is qualified for the Skincare Challenge program, so if you buy it, you're a quarter of the way towards a free product! Read about the Skincare Challenge here. I'm a sucker for a free product, so you can bet I'll be purchasing 4 skincare items LOL. The Skincare Challenge is running through December, so you have plenty of time to nab your free product!

The Ole Henriksen blue/black berry enzyme mask is available online at Sephora and at Sephora stores near you.

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