February 27, 2010

China Glaze Spring Preview: Rainbow of Hope

I have some new charity collection news for you today. China Glaze will be re-releasing some of their very popular polishes in a new collection called Rainbow of Hope. China Glaze will donate 18% of sales of Rainbow of Hope to cancer research organizations hand-picked by China Glaze employees. Rainbow of Hope will be shipping in May 2010.

The colors for the Rainbow of Hope collection are:

Sexy Lady- pink
Liquid Leather- black
Recycle- gray
White on White- white
Outtabounds- emerald
Four Leaf Clover- kelly green
Custom Kicks- teal
Platinum Pearl- pearl
Unplugged- brown
Long Kiss- burgundy
Coconut Kiss- purple
Spontaneous- orchid/violet
Bahamian Escape- light blue
Secret Peri-wink-le- periwinkle blue
Rainstorm- blue
Frostbite- royal blue
Happy Go Lucky- yellow
Peachy Keen- peach
Breakin’- orange
Paint the Town Red- red

I have 8 of these colors to show you today- Recycle, Four Leaf Clover, Unplugged, Bahamian Escape, Secret Peri-wink-le, Frostbite, Happy Go Lucky, and Peachy Keen. Some of these colors (Bahamian Escape and Frostbite) are in my top ten favorite polishes ever!!! The polishes I have reviewed before, I’m just going to provide a link to my previous review. I don’t want to bore you with the details if you've already read them!!

Bahamian Escape, two coats, no flash

First up, one of my personal favorites, Bahamian Escape. Bahamian Escape is a gorgeous sky blue. Like the sky in super photo-shopped pictures, LOL. This mani just needs some puffy clouds and we’re set. This is a masterful formula, just perfect. This is two coats and it’s totally streak-free. This is what I had hoped for in the Up and Away collection. Perfection. By the way, that air bubble you see came from my Seche Vite, not Bahamian Escape. I am running low on Seche, so the application is getting to be less than perfect.

China Glaze Frostbite, three coats, with flash

Next up, one you've seen, Frostbite.

From Up and Away, Four Leaf Clover, Peachy Keen, Happy Go Lucky.

Four Leaf Clover, two coats, with flash

Peachy Keen, three coats, no flash

Happy Go Lucky, three coats, with flash

Recycle, two coats, with flash

Recycle is another really great color. It’s a medium gray crème with a bit of a blue-ish tint. In low lights, I would call this “slate” gray. This is two coats, no streaks, great formula again. See a comparison of this and Essie Chinchilly here.

Secret Peri-wink-le, three coats, no flash

Secret Per-wink-le was very hard to photograph (hence the weird angled pic and blurriness). However, it is a gorgeous color in person! It's a beautiful purple-y blue color, maybe more purple than you would imagine periwinkle would be. The color on the blurriest nails in the picture (the two on the right) is more accurate. See how it's more purple? This is three coats. It was even and opaque in two, but on camera I thought it might look better with three. This is a great color for spring and it's less streaky than some other spring polishes I've seen.

Unplugged, two coats, no flash

Finally we have Unplugged. Unplugged is a dark brown-red shimmer. In low lights, this kind of looks like mud. I wore it on my toes once, and you really couldn't see the shimmer, so it was very murky-looking. On the nails though, it’s rather pretty, as long as you know that it is very dark and the shimmer doesn't show up much in low lights. This is two coats. I took one picture with flash so you could see the shimmer.

Unplugged, two coats, with flash

Now, I know some people are not fans of the whole nail polish for charity thing. 18% of sales is not really a big contribution when you could just go donate to cancer research yourself. However, I have had a bunch of these polishes on my list for awhile now (Outtabounds, Custom Kicks, Coconut Kiss, Rainstorm, and Breakin’). So, if I was going to buy them anyway, I think it’s great that now I can buy them and some of my money goes to a good cause! I will definitely be purchasing those five polishes (and maybe more!) when Rainbow of Hope is released in May!

Also on the way from China Glaze is the Summer 2010 collection, Poolside. Poolside is a collection of six new neon polishes. EK and I are flipping out over these and you can bet we will have pictures of all of them as soon as we can get our glittery little paws on them!!!


Paige said...

Great colors!

Never Enough Nails said...

Rainbow of Hope is a good mix of colors! I bet there are a lot of polishes in this collection that have been on peoples' lists!

Aurora's Nails said...

gildedangel took the words right out of my mouth! I've been dying to get Recycle! And Secret Per-wink-le is one of my favorite polishes!