February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Nail Fail

Three coats Color Club Ghost of Chance, with Essie Pama tips, with flash

I wanted to do something creative and fun for my Valentine's Day manicure. I started off with three coats of the Color Club white from the Halloween set, Ghost of Chance. Then I did my favorite kind of tip, the inverted V, using Essie Pama. This kind of tip is very easy to do free-hand. You just start on one side of your nail and make a line diagonally upwards to the middle of your nail, and then repeat on the other side. With just two strokes of your brush, you have this cool looking tip. So far so good, I liked this look.

Three coats Color Club Ghost of Chance, Essie Pama tips, one coat Color Club Yule Love It!, with flash

I should have left the manicure alone after the Essie Pama tips. But, "What's a festive mani without glitter?", I said to myself. So I did a halfmoon mani with Color Club Yule Love It! (See Yule Love It! by itself) Obviously, this is UGLY. We have a lot going on- tips, halfmoon, glitter, etc. I also must have been half asleep putting the stickers on for the halfmoons because some of them are all crooked and weird. This is a FAIL.


After realizing that this mani was best left as an idea in my head, I covered the whole nail with Color Club Yule Love It!. Unfortunately, this is still ugly because there is white showing through and the tips look ugly underneath the glitter. LOL. So basically, this mani stinks. I am removing it and just doing a nice couple of coats of Color Club Yule Love It!. It's a pretty pinky-red glitter and that is just fine for me this Valentine's Day!

More FAIL!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! I hope your Vday nail look turned out better than mine LOL!!!! Any big plans for the day? I'm not big on Valentine's Day, so my plans are to wear the MAC make-up I bought yesterday (Spring Color Forecast!!!!) and watch Glee with the boy.

The Color Club Halloween mini set is still available online at Head2Toe Beauty. Both the Halloween and Christmas sets are still available at a Beauty Plus Salon near you (I just saw them for $7.99 last weekend).


Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

the first few weren't -that- bad. I think you salvaged it nicely by covering the whole nail with the CC Yule luv it.

Never Enough Nails said...

LOL thanks Deez Nailz! Next year I think I'll just get a top coat with hearts in it. Much easier.

Paige said...

They aren't that bad, I love how the last one looks though!

Never Enough Nails said...

I kinda like the last one too Gildedangel. I like the way the dark red tip shows through the lighter red glitter. How's you Valentine's Day going?

Jamie (the amazing) said...

hahaha I LUV the first one.. jk
I agree... the last one I definitely like.