February 23, 2010

New for Spring: Nars Purple Rain

Nars Purple Rain, two coats, with flash

Clearly I should have taken these pictures yesterday, as today there is no natural light and it is sleeting (still lovin CT). So this post features some of my super blurry, yet reasonably color accurate pictures LOL. I took pictures with flash (see above) to show the shimmer, but I'd hate for you to walk away thinking that the polish really looks like it does in the flash pics.

Nars Purple Rain, two coats, no flash. This is how the polish looks in most artificial lights.

Nars Purple Rain is a red-based dark vampy purple. I love this color because I think we have a lot of blue-based purples (a.k.a. "blurple") in the polish world, so this is a bit different (Rurple? See what I did there?!). In bright lights, it reminds me of a red grape. In most lights though, it's a pretty dark vampy color, but definitely not black. It always has that purple cast to it, so that's another plus about this polish. I really love that a major make-up company like Nars is calling this a spring color. I usually kind of skip spring polish colors and go directly to summer brights. I feel like Francois is saying "It's OK to skip the pale pinks, wear Rurple this spring!" LOL.

Nars Purple Rain, two coats, no flash (cloudy daylight).

This was my first foray into Nars polish, and I'm pretty pleased. The formula is thick, but not in a bad way. Drying time is pretty decent, no long wait here. I noticed that this polish could be opaque in one coat if you are skilled at application. Some of my nails were evenly covered in one coat. I really wasn't trying for one coat either, it kind of never occurred to me that I could get this color even in one coat. The large, square cap of the bottle could be a pain, but it's coated in some kind of non-slip stuff, so it's easy to grip. I would definitely buy Nars polish again (and I will if they ever re-release Zulu!!!!). The price tag is a bit high, but for unique colors, great formula and luxurious packaging, I don't mind!!

This is really my kind of polish. I always feel like darks are SO flattering on my pale skin. Purple is my favorite color too, so it's pretty much a guaranteed win for Purple Rain!

Nars Purple Rain and other Nars polish are available online at Nars and at Sephora stores.


Paige said...

That is a beautiful color!

Unknown said...

OK, that's gorgeous! I thought I killed my lemming for that with an Icing (can't remember the name off the top of my head) but now I HAVE to have that!!! :)

Never Enough Nails said...

gildedangel- I really love it! I thought the vampy colors were starting to all look the same, but not this one!

Teresa- Yea, I gave in to my lemming. You know, "for the blog" LOL.

Unknown said...

sooooooooooooo beautifull !!

Never Enough Nails said...

I love it Lily nail!!