April 19, 2018

Zoya Thrive Spring 2018 Swatches and Review!

*Sent for review*

Even though the weather is not feeling very spring-y here in CT, I am ready for spring nail colors and make-up. Seems like this has been a never-ending winter and it is actually really cold out right now as I type this 🙄. Zoya's spring 2018 Thrive collection is a great set of colors for spring and I like that they are a bit different from the typical pastel creme spring collections. First up is my favorite of the six, Zoya Haruko. Haruko is a soft violet with lots of metallic shimmer. The shimmer is very noticeable, even more so in person than in these pictures. The shimmer is like a darker violet to almost blue color, so the contrast is nice against the soft purple base. This polish just glows beautifully.

This is two coats of Haruko. I thought I'd have to do a third coat with the pale color, but it was nicely opaque. Application was great, perfectly smooth and easy!

Zoya Darby is a moody blue-gray with the same kind of metallic shimmer as Haruko. The base is sort of a steel gray and the shimmer is very blue, so it gives the polish an overall blue tone. I don't think I have any other grays with such prominent pretty blue shimmer, I like it a lot!!

This is two coats again. The formula was a little thicker than Haruko, but not hard to apply. It was very opaque, maybe even a one-coater for some of you.

Zoya Trudith is described as a "muted, wisteria purple creme". It's sort of a mauve-y purple, with some dustiness. It's a nice, almost neutral feeling color.

Two coats. A little thicker again, but still easy to apply.

Zoya Brandi is a warm, rosy pink creme. It's an interesting pink, a little dusty, some hints of coral in there. Definitely not your typical pastel pink included in spring collections. Brandi has more depth to it and I think it would be work appropriate for most, without being boring.

Two easy coats, the formula on this one was great.

Zoya Monroe is described as a "glamour pink creme". It's a deep raspberry pink/magenta. This is exactly the kind of color I want on my toes right now, it feels like flowers blooming. Or maybe like flowers might bloom some time in the next month or so.

Two coats. This one was a little on the thin side, so just don't load up your brush too much or it will flood your cuticles.

Zoya Leisel is a sheer sparkly purple pink topper. with a blue-ish sheen. The sparkles are pretty and iridescent and I think this will be a beautiful topper over almost any color.

This is three coats of Leisel alone, so it is a bit buildable. If you don't mind some VNL, this is a pretty look by itself.

This is one layer of Leisel over Haruko, I LOVE this combo!!! Gorgeous!!

Haruko is definitely my favorite of the six, but Darby is a pretty close second. If you're eyeing any of these colors, the formulas are all solid, so go ahead and pick them up! Hope spring is alive and well in your area, because it certainly is not in mine yet.

The Zoya Thrive collection is available now on zoya.com.

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