March 30, 2018

A Spring-y Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 84!

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Happy Friday! This post today is filled with spring Lynnderellas, perfect for Easter weekend and the start of warm weather (hopefully). First up we have the lovely Lynnderella Bunny Bird, a baby blue with multicolored pastel shimmer. The shimmer is what really sets this one apart from other blues you may own. It has little bits of pink, green, purple, maybe even some yellow shimmer bits. Just gorgeous!

This is two coats of Bunny Bird. Application was perfect, no issues at all and I didn't even have to do any clean up. I did use one layer of top coat, but it was fairly shiny on it's own.

Lynnderella The Magenta Project is a stunning magenta pink almost jelly-like base with large pink and red shimmer particles. I love how the shimmer looks like glowing embers in the pink base. Although the shimmer is very visible, it's not glitter, so the polish is very smooth.

This is two coats and great application here too! One layer of top coat for extra shine, but this was perfectly smooth without.

Lynnderella Chantilly Violet just screams spring! This is a lavender crelly base with purple, green, turquoise, and yellow-green circle glitters, as well as a smattering of silver shimmer. I love the mix of purple and green glitters!

This is three thin coats and one layer of top coat. I found it best to do two coats without too much glitter on the brush and then kind of add the glitter in the final coat. Otherwise the glitters get covered up and look a little lumpy.

Lynnderella Princess Cloud Blossom is a dainty pink shimmer with scattered heart and four-pointed star accents. There is a good amount of holo silver microgltter so you catch a glimpse of a holo rainbow here and there and the heart and star glitters are holographic as well. You all know by now I'm not a huge fan of pink polish, but I unexpectedly fell in love with this one.

Two super easy coats! I used one layer of top coat and it was smooth and shiny.

😍😍 I'll wait while you grab your drool napkin.... Lynnderella Royal Violet is a deep blue violet jelly with silver, blue, and purple microglitter. The glitter just floats in the base and looks amazing. This is one of my favorite polishes in 2018 so far, just gorgeous!

Two easy coats, no fuss! One layer of top coat provides a glossy smooth surface.

Lynnderella Candy Planet is a light pink with lots of silver shimmer and fun bright multicolored accent glitter. This definitely reminds me of a candy store, with lots of different brightly colored goodies, and maybe a cotton candy machine too! After all the dark days in the winter, this is what we all need for spring.

This is two coats. I can still see a bit of VNL, but I don't mind it too much. I'm sure a third coat would  hide that completely. I used one layer of top coat, but a second would smooth out the larger glitters.

Another delicate spring flower, Lynnderella Satin Blossom is a perfect pale pink with contrasting magenta pink shimmer. In some lighting, you just see a pearly pale pink, but in others, you catch the pop of brighter pink shimmer. Very pretty! I love how smooth the shimmer is in this one, reminds me of Chanel shimmers.

Two easy coats! I thought I would need a third with a color this pale, but I didn't! It is shiny on it's own, but I did use top coat for extra shine and to speed dry time.

Lynnderella Petal to the Metal is a very unique shade of purple. It has a lot of pink, so it's almost equal measures of purple and magenta. The color is really saturated and my camera actually would not capture the color. I had to use my iPhone to better represent the color for you. I always love a red/pink-toned purple, so I am a fan of this one.

Two coats again and one layer of top coat. Nice to apply!

Some of these Lynnderellas are available at, but some were exclusive to the Glitter Fairies group on Facebook. As always, if you would like to join, please just email me at so I may nominate you for membership.

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