October 13, 2017

Lynnderella New O.G. Collection!

*Sent for review*

Lynnderella recently released a new collection called the "New O.G.", O.G. standing for Original Glitter. I have swatches of some of the polishes for you today, starting with the beautiful Lynnderella Eye Candy. Eye Candy is a holographic blue nano glitter with turquoise hints and red microglitter accents. It looks more turquoise in certain lighting and leans more of a true blue in others. 

This is two coats of Eye Candy. I found it to be nicely opaque and apply well. I used one layer of top coat and it was very smooth, thanks to the nano glitter.

Lynnderella Fleshed Out is described as "nearly naked translucent shimmerella with pink and shifting blue shimmer as well as subtle silver holographic nanoglitter accents". If you're looking to jazz up your nude polish library, definitely check this out. It's understated, but still packs a holo shimmer punch.

This is only two coats, though if you have longer nails than I did at this time, you will likely need three coats. It was easy to apply and a nice consistency. I used one layer of top coat and it is smooth to the touch.

The namesake of the collection, Lynnderella New O.G., is, of course, an homage to the famous Connect the Dots. This new glitter topper is even better than the original, as it has stronger shimmer in the base and even more fun shapes. Lynnderella describes this as "black-and-white multiglitter with blue shimmer and silver holographic nanoglitter in a clear base. Dots, stars, hexagons, rectangles, hearts, triangles, clouds, flowers, squares, diamonds and more". This is always a great look!

This is one coat of New O.G. over OPI Reach for the Sky. I really like this pairing! New O.G. was easy to apply, no need for glitter placement, and all of the glitter pieces seemed to lay flat.

I've already shown you Lynnderella You Name It! This was the preview polish for this collection and it is a "multishimmered multiglitter topper with holographic nanoglitter accents. Lilac-shimmered clear base with holographic microglitter". You can name this polish and request a special hand drawn label!

This is one coat of You Name It! over OPI Polly Want a Lacquer!

There are two more polishes in this collection, Red Ahead and Vamper Tantrum. They look lovely as well! For swatches of those, check out Lynnderella's blog. New O.G. is available now at https://www.amazon.com/handmade/Lynnderella, lynnderella.com and http://lynnderella.storenvy.com. If you prefer email ordering, please write to lynnderellalacquer@gmail.com.

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