October 25, 2017

Zoya Sophisticates Fall 2017 Lipsticks!

*Sent for review*

Top row left to right- Zoya Lucky, Layne, Izzy, Bristol
Bottom row left to right- Zoya Addie, Tommy, Maggie

Today I have the Zoya Sophisticates lipsticks for your viewing enjoyment!  I have been really feeling Zoya's lipsticks and I am glad they are releasing more of them now. They are typically a lovely formula, creamy and comfortable to wear. I have dry lips and they feel moisturizing when I wear them. I also love that they included a blue lipstick in this collection!

Zoya Lucky is described as a "vibrant cool toned pink". It's a nice fuchsia that has a bit of sheerness to it, so it's not such a heavy punch of color. It looks fresh and really brightens up my face.

Zoya Layne is described as a "medium dusty rose". It leans towards a nude rose on me and I am in love with this one! It's a perfect shade for when you want something polished and professional, but you want something more flattering than a true nude. The hint of rose is perfect and looks more alive than a nude.

Zoya Izzy is described as a "deep fuchsia". Strangely enough, in my arm swatches, I feel like this looks like almost a coral color. But once it is on my lips, it is definitely a raspberry pink, maybe with a bit of warmth to it. This is probably because my arm is as white as a piece of paper so the color looks totally different 😂.

Zoya Bristol is described as a "medium wine tone". This one seems a bit brighter to me than a wine, but it may be the undertones of my lips causing it to turn more pink. It's a very pretty color though, nice and flattering.

Zoya Addie is described as a "pinky nude apricot" and that is a perfect description. This is a great nude for me, a little pink, a little warm, not too corpse-looking. Gorgeous!

If you're feeling daring, Zoya Tommy is a "saturated blurple". This is a great blue with some hints of purple. It took a few more swipes than the other colors for full coverage. The others really apply well in one or two swipes, this took more like 3 or 4. Love the color on me though!

Zoya Maggie is described as a "deep berry". I really love this one too, it's SO perfect for fall. It has that vampy berry look and is such a juicy looking shade. I can't wait to wear this one!

Overall, I can highly recommend these lipsticks. They apply well, are comfortable to wear, and last a good amount of time for cream finish lipsticks. They are all available now at zoya.com!

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