September 27, 2017

Zoya Sophisticates Fall 2017 Swatches, Part 2!

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The second half of the Zoya Sophisticates collection is a very "fall" feeling set of colors. If you like classic vampy fall colors, you will love these. Zoya Mona is a deep burgundy wine creme with some plummy pinkish tones. It's not super dark and vampy, but dark enough to have a little edge, while still being pretty work appropriate. Indoors this looks a bit darker than this, but you really see the plum tones in brighter lighting. I put this on my toes immediately after swatching it, great fall pedi color!

This is two coats. Mona has a lovely formula and nice pigmentation. Like the other half of the collection, this half is mostly opaque in two coats and nicely easy to apply.

Zoya Yvonne is a rich berry toned red creme. This polish is like a fine red wine. The berry hints make it more interesting than just a straight up red creme. I think this would be very flattering on a variety of skin tones.

Two easy coats here too! Nice consistency and opacity.

Zoya Tabitha is a deep forest green with pearl shimmer. The shimmer is very refined and adds a nice depth to the polish. It's quite a dark green, in some lighting it almost looks like charcoal gray. I don't think I have a shimmering green this dark in my collection!

This is two coats. When I look really closely, I can see some brushstrokes, but in person I don't notice them at all. Otherwise the formula was good.

Zoya Gal is an interesting shade. Zoya describes it as a "smokey, iridescent, peridot gold metallic". It's kind of a mix of green, gold and maybe some silvery gray. A murky looking metallic shade that looks different in different lighting situations.

This is three coats of Gal. In the pictures I still see a bit of VNL, but I didn't in person. It's almost a foil finish, and I find that sometimes those foil shimmers can look a little see through in pictures. The shimmer is a chunkier shimmer than any of the other shades in this collection.

Zoya Hadley is a deliciously dark night sky blue creme. It looks almost black in lower lighting, but it is really a great smoky blue with charcoal tones. This is a perfect vampy shade for fall. If you think black is too harsh on your skin tone, but want to wear something really dark, try Hadley. It is softer looking and more flattering than black, but still very deep.

This is two easy coats. Could almost be a one coater if your coats are thicker than mine!

Zoya Elaine is a very deep brown creme, described as an "umber brown". Umber brown usually has some reddish tones and I do see some very dark wine tones in Elaine. This is another shade that is very deep and vampy, but more flattering than harsh black. The slight warmth of the brown is nicer on me personally than a cold black.

This is two easy coats. Again, it could almost be a one coater if you do thicker coats than I do. The formula was a very nice consistency.

The Zoya Sophisticates collection is a great selection of classic fall feeling colors. My personal favorites are Presley, Tabitha, and Hadley. Can't resist that super dark blue!! If you missed my post with the first half of the collection, check it out here. What colors are catching your eye here? I will also have swatches of the lipsticks from this collection soon!

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