September 29, 2017

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 80!!

*Sent for review*

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone has fun weekend plans coming up. I am working both days, so LMK if you have fun plans so I can live vicariously through you. I have some gorgeous new Lynnderellas to show you today, starting with my new favorite Lynnderella Blue to the Third Power. This is a stunning ocean blue microglitter that has such incredible depth and sparkle. Lynnderella describes it as "vivid blue violet microglitter with blue shimmer and cyan metallic flakes". This is definitely intensely vivid! The cyan flakes provide a nice contrast with the deeper blue base.

This is two very easy coats. This was pretty smooth feeling with one layer of top coat, but I did decide to use a second to really intensify the shimmer. I think that extra layer is well worth it for the incredibly stunning results.

Next up is a fun new concept from Lynnderella. This pretty multi glitter topper with gorgeous shimmer is Lynnderella You Name It. You Name It is a pre-release for a new collection that will be released soon. When you order this polish, you get to choose whether you would like a hand drawn picture on the label, a name you choose yourself, or both. Cute idea! I love the polish itself too, it's a nice mix of fun colors and shapes, with a lovely shimmered base.

This is just one coat of You Name It over OPI Polly Want a Lacquer?. It was easy to apply with regular brushstrokes, no dabbing needed. The glitters covered pretty evenly and all the pieces laid nice and flat on my nails.

Lynnderella Morphoplasm is a very cool polish. It has silver holographic nano glitter and multi chrome color shifting flakes. The color shift in the flakes is nice and strong, from green to blue to purple and sometimes even a fuchsia or gold tinge. The nano glitter adds a nice sparkle to this too.

This is two coats of Morphoplasm on it's own. The coverage is pretty opaque and wearable alone. I think you could also do one layer over a base color. This was easy to apply and felt smooth with one layer of top coat.

Blue to the Third Power and Morphoplasm are available now at I am not sure about the availability of You Name It, but you can always email to inquire about it.

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