September 17, 2017

Zoya Sophisticates Fall 2017 Swatches, Part 1!

*Sent for review*

I look forward to the Zoya fall collection every year. It's always so well done and really puts me in the mood to start wearing fall colors. This year is no exception- the Sophisticates collection is a group of rich, cozy, and slightly moody polishes that will kick your fall off right. Zoya Joni is a deep purple mauve creme. It has hints of pink in it's dark plum base and it reminds me of a comfy fall sweater! It's dark enough to feel a little edgy, but still classy.

I'm only going to say this once so that I don't sound like a broken record- all of these polishes only needed two coats. They are very nicely pigmented and the formula for all of them ranged from good to superb. Joni's formula was in the superb category, just flawless application.

Leave it to Zoya to get me excited about a taupe! Zoya Presley is a "smokey mauve taupe creme" and it's that smokiness and hint of plum that are setting this one apart from countless other taupes. It almost could be a dusty lavender when you look fast, but it's a little more neutral. Great shade for the fall and should be work safe, without being boring.

Very good formula, nice smooth application.

Zoya Beth is the color of wet sand on a stormy beach. It's a shimmering deep champagne with a little ribbon of gold here an there. Very pretty and a little understated. 

I did two coats of Beth, but the formula was a little thinner feeling. So depending on how you apply, it's possible that you could need a third coat. Still a good formula though, very easy to apply.

I always love a good berry hue in the fall and Zoya Padma is an excellent fall berry creme. Zoya calls this a "deep vermillion red", but I always think of vermillion as having some orange tones. This definitely leans toward the pink side of red.

Superb formula again, A+ Zoya!

Zoya Hera is a classic mauve creme. It's a nice rosy mauve, not too grayed out, and should be flattering on a number of skin tones.

Great formula and application here. I really have no complaints about any of these!

Zoya McKenna is a surprising favorite for me in this half of the Sophisticates collection. It's a beautiful almond off-white with a smooth pearl shimmer. Usually I am not too excited about colors like this, but the pearl shimmer makes this so gorgeous and soft looking. The almond hue is very flattering too.

I am also surprised that this light of a color was perfectly even and opaque in two coats! I had no problems with streaks or any of the typical off-white struggles. Love!

I think my top picks from this half of the collection are Joni and Presley. But you can't go wrong with any of these. They are great fall colors and all have a stellar formula.

The Zoya Sophisticates collection is available now at!

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