September 15, 2017

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 79!

 *Sent for review*

I'm trying to get back into a regular fall schedule... seems difficult this year! I'm also trying to get back to a regular blogging schedule! I know I have been letting the blog slide for sure. Today's post contains some stunning recently released limited edition Lynnderellas. Lynnderella Juicy Ruby Rainbow Juice is a striking red purple holographic microglitter. Lynnderella describes it as "multishimmered magenta violet holographic microglitter with green shimmer and red metallic flakes. Translucent violet base.". Somehow this color is better and more exciting than just magenta to me. It's like a rich purple that glows hot pink from the inside. Love this one a lot!

This is two coats of Juicy Ruby Rainbow Juice and it was a dream to apply. I used two coats of top coat to really bring out the shine. It was smooth to the touch with one coat, but I think the holographic sparkle shows up better with two.

Lynnderella Pink Sandcastle is a unique and complex shade. It's a warm pale pink holo microglitter with hot pink shimmer, but in some lighting it leans more taupe or even more like a copper pink. On the right skin tone, it might even read like a nude. The holo sparkle really pops in this one too.

 Two easy coats again! This was nicely opaque and only needed one layer of top coat for smoothness.

I already posted Lynnderella Picnic awhile back, but I revisited it and wore it for a few days. I was able to get some pictures of it in the sunlight, so I thought I'd share those. Picnic is a juicy watermelon holo microglitter. A perfect shade of pink with some bling!

This is two coats of Picnic with two layers of top coat. Again, it was pretty smooth with one layer of top coat, but the second layer really brings out the holographic flare.

These lovely Lynnderellas are available now at Lynnderellas are also available at and Amazon.

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