May 1, 2017

Polish Con Wrap Up + What I Bought!!

Happy Monday!! Over the weekend I was lucky to attend Polish Con 2017 in Brooklyn and I have about a million pictures for you in case you couldn't be there! Polish Con took place at a pretty cool venue called the Grand Prospect Hall. It is a former concert hall/ballroom built in 1903 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. When you first walked in, there was a huge grand staircase (pictured above) leading up to the convention. I felt like Leo DiCaprio in Titanic gazing up the staircase at Rose, only I was gazing up towards polish nirvana!

The hall itself was gorgeous, with lots of cool details. It must have been THE place to go back in the day. I loved these cool balconies with intricate detailing (below).

Me cheesing with my Polish Con bag ^. The lighting was a bit dim in the room, which added to the ambiance, but made it hard sometimes to see the polish. Luckily, most makers had lights to help you see what you were buying, so I didn't find it to be that bad!

Dave from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer had this adorable octopus on his table! He is so nice and I was very happy to meet him in person finally! I did take a picture of him at his table, but it's super dark. I posted it on Instagram anyway if you'd like to see. The makers all had amazing looking displays on their tables, I took pictures of some of my favorites, but also missed some great ones!

Colors by Llarowe

Anonymous Lacquer

Great Lakes Lacquer

Pretty & Polished

Glisten & Glow

Bluebird Lacquer

Girly Bits

Native War Paints

Polish My Life

KB Shimmer

Ever After

Anchor & Heart Lacquer

Don Deeva

Great Lakes on left/edge of the Ever After table with a view of the room

And here I am, exhausted at the end of the con! That bag on my shoulder weighs about 2 tons and my mom had a bag as well! Overall, I thought the day was fabulous. Polish Con was very well organized and everyone was so friendly. The makers had lots of stock for the most part, so even though I only had general admission tickets, I was able to get nearly all of the Polish Con exclusives that I wanted. When GA people were first let in, it was a little crazy and hard to see things at tables, but it settled down a little later and there was still plenty of polish left for all!

This is everything that came home with me. I muled for two lovely ladies I have known for awhile, so not all of this is mine. Someone had to help me unpack all of this too!

Below you can see everything I picked up. I did not go with a specific budget. I don't know when I will be able to attend something like this again, so I just bought whatever I was drawn to and I don't think I overdid it. There are some new to me brands in here, so I'm so excited to try them and show you them here! Time to get swatching!

The next Polish Con will take place in September (I think they said the 23rd) at a venue near Navy Pier in Chicago. I would love to go again! Did you go to the con this weekend? Or are you planning to go to Chicago?

For more information on Polish Con, check out Polish Con on Facebook.

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