May 8, 2017

Lynnderella Friday on a Monday!

*Sent for review*

I keep missing Lynnderella Friday lately, so I thought I'd just post these today! Maybe make Monday feel more like a Friday! Lynnderella Heart Puzzle is a silver holo microglitter with circle glitter accents in red, yellow and baby blue, with blue, yellow and red shimmer. You know I love circle glitters and these are little tiny cute ones! I like the contrast of the primary colors with the silver holo microglitter, very different!

This is three thin coats. It was pretty easy to apply, the circles came out readily and I didn't really have to do any placement of them.  I did have a little bit of VNL still, but I don't mind it with this one, the holo-ness kind of distracts you too much! I used one layer of top coat and it felt nice and smooth to the touch.

Lynnderella Violet's Electric is described as a "violet shimmerella-microglitter hybrid with tonal holographic microglitter and multishimmer". The mix of microglitter and shimmer is nice, it makes for a smoother, yet really sparkly finish. This violet is just glowing, so pretty! The holographic microglitter sparkles pink and adds to the overall glow of this polish.

This is two easy coats, with two layers of top coat. One layer of top coat was fairly smooth, but I really wanted the extra shine from the second layer.

Lynnderella Beach Day! has me ready for long summer afternoons at the beach, watching the clouds drift by! Beach Day! is a blue holographic microglitter with cloud and flower accents. There are also some circle glitter accents in yellow- like the sun! I really love this unique polish and can't wait to wear it on a beach day!

This is two coats, plus some placement of the larger cloud and flower glitters. With my small nail beds, I needed to position the clouds so that they could lay flat. But they are plentiful in the polish and easy to find. I used one layer of top coat, but two might really seal the clouds and flowers in a bit better.

Lynnderella nail polishes are available at,, and Amazon.

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