May 16, 2017

KBShimmer Multi Chromes

*Purchased by me*

Today I have two of KBShimmers excellent Multi Chrome polishes for your enjoyment! I am wearing one of these right now as my full mani, and let me tell you, I am having such a good time watching it shift to all of its different colors! Also, just a reminder, you can win a $50 gift card to right now on my Instagram, so go enter!! So first up, we have the lovely polish I am currently wearing, KBShimmer Chroma Chameleon, one of their newer Multi Chromes. KBShimmer says that Chroma Chameleon shifts from "bright fuchsia pink, to a coppery rose, then a soft gold, to a spring green color", but I also see a deep glowing reddish plum that is really gorgeous. This is a serious shifter, I spent half of the day yesterday waving my nails around and staring at it (excellent use of my time). 

I used three thin coats here. Two coats had a bit of VNL for me, but if you do thicker coats, two should work. The formula was nice and easy to work with. In the pictures I see some brushstrokes, but I can't really see them in person for the most part. So gorgeous, I am in love!

KBShimmer Pigment of My Imagination is a deep blue purple that shifts to red. Sometimes it can look navy blue, or brighter purple, or a red grape color. This one definitely has less shift than Chroma Chameleon, but it is still beautiful and shifty enough to be entertaining. I love the way it looks when you mostly see the purple, but the edges are all glowing red! Very cool!

This is three thin coats, same nice formula as Chroma Chameleon. Again, I see some brush strokes in the pictures, but they were less apparent in person. Just something to note in case that is your personal pet peeve!

Both of these are available right now on Don't forget to enter my giveaway on Instagram and you can purchase these with your $50 KBShimmer gift card! The set of 6 of their new Multi Chromes is only $50, so it will work out perfectly 😉

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