March 14, 2017

Zoya Charming Spring 2017 Swatches!

*Sent for review*

With only a few days left until spring, I am pretty much ready for it! Especially since we are having a disgusting mix of snow and freezing rain today. Since I can't have spring weather yet, I am going to settle for some spring nail polish! The Zoya Charming Spring collection just screams spring, with soft garden colors and delicate shimmer. This beautiful petal pink creme is Zoya Jordan. Zoya describes it as a soft blossom pink creme. Jordan pops a little more punch than a typical pastel pink, but it's still nice and soft looking for spring.

This is two coats and I'm very happy with the application! Sometimes pale pinks, or just pale colors in general, can be annoying to apply and/or need three coats, so it's nice to have this be easy to wear! It was nice and streak-free and even. I used one layer of top coat on all of these swatches.

Zoya Tina is a well-balanced medium purple creme. It has undertones of both blue and red, so it will flatter a wide variety of skin tones. I think this is a shade that we've seen before, but it's always pretty and perfect for spring and summer.

Tina has a great formula, so if you're looking for an easy to apply creme in this shade of purple, you've found your girl. This is two coats, but it could almost be a one-coater depending on your application.

This one is probably my favorite of the Charming collection! Zoya Abby is a pale lavender creme. It's not chalky looking, but it has a enough white in the base to really pop and it does not have any grey tones to it. It's just pure, crisp pastel lavender. I think Abby is brighter and cleaner looking than other lavenders I own, I will have to do some comparisons. I really love this and will be wearing it a lot for spring!

This is just two coats! Yay!!!! And it wasn't streaky at all, imagine that! I probably did slightly thicker coats than I usually do and I think the formula itself was a bit thicker than the others in this collection. But it was pretty easy to work with, despite the pastel color. Hooray for great formulas!

The shimmers in this collection are nice, they are almost like a super fine glass fleck shimmer. Zoya calls it a "micro-sparkle". It's very reflective and smooth to the touch. Zoya Amira is a "soft dewy blue micro-sparkle". It is a nice gray blue, like the sky on a slightly rainy April day.

This is two coats. It had good coverage and a nice, easy to work with consistency.

Zoya Millie is a violet orchid micro-sparkle. It has red and fuchsia tones to it, but the sparkle has some blue to it, so it's a neat effect. This one really glows, it's gorgeous! 

This is three thin coats. My pictures make it look like it has more VNL than it actually has in person. It appears opaque to my eyes. It has the same great formula as the others.

This picture indoors shows the true opacity and some of the blue tones in the sparkle.

What would a spring collection be without a fresh green? Zoya Lacey is a perfect lightly sparkling pale green, like the first daffodils popping up with a dusting of snow! Like Amira, Lacey has a soft, almost gray tone and it's not too green. It looks more neutral-leaning, a work appropriate green!

This is two coats of Lacey. Like the others in this collection, it was easy to apply. I love that these polishes are all nice and simple to work with, easy breezy for spring!

Zoya also has a gorgeous new lipstick for spring, called Violette. It might be my favorite of all of the Zoya lipsticks I have tried. It's a violet purple with pink tones. It's really flattering and has enough pink to really brighten up my face. I think it will look lovely on all skin tones. If you find purple lipstick to be a little scary, give this a try. It's not SO purple that it looks weird, just a nice hint of amethyst.

I'll be rocking this shade all spring for sure! If you haven't tried Zoya's lipsticks yet, I strongly encourage you to do so! The pigmentation is fantastic and the texture is wonderful. They feel great on my dry lips!

See anything you like in this collection? There's a lot to love here and fantastic formulas to boot. I will be sporting these Charming beauties all spring!

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