March 10, 2017

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 73!

 *Sent for review*

Happy Friday! I have a crazy, St. Patrick's Day show-filled weekend ahead, but wanted to squeeze in a sparkly post before everything starts! I have two new Lynnderellas for you this week, starting with Lynnderella Overheated Blue. Overheated Blue is a deep Forget-Me-Not blue holographic microglitter with tons of pink shimmer and pink microglitters. It has slightly lighter blue accent glitters. The hot pink shimmer is very apparent in person and really makes this stand out from other blue glitters I own. In person, it's like a blur of pink sheen over the blue. Here in the photos it looks more like pink glitters scattered within the blue.

This is two easy coats. The formula was maybe a little thicker than some of Lynn's microglitters lately, but still very manageable. I did use two layers of top coat for extra shine and smoothness.

Lynnderella Back and Froth is SO gorgeous, it's like a multichrome microglitter polish. Lynn describes it as a "pink gold shimmerella with gold flakes, pink holographic nanoglitter accents as well as lilac and blue shimmer". At some angles it looks like a yellow gold, or maybe an orange-y gold. But then you turn your fingers a bit and catch a strong pink sheen. I also see the hints of lilac and blue in certain lights. If you are a fan of glitter and mutlichrome/duochrome polish, you will want to nab this one.

Below you can see the pink, almost like a sandy pink nude! This was two thicker coats with one layer of top coat. Application was nice and easy.

Overheated Blue and Back and Froth are available now at Lynnderella's eBay store. You can also buy Lynnderella nail polish at and Amazon.

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