February 1, 2017

CrowsToes Indian Summer Raindrop Mani!

*Purchased by me*

Hi everyone, happy hump day! I wanted to share a mani I wore over the weekend, I really enjoyed wearing this one. I've been dying to try one of those raindrop manis with a matted multichrome polish and shiny raindrops, and I've also had CrowsToes Indian Summer on my list of polishes to wear for awhile. Indian Summer is a beautiful multichrome that shows colors ranging from a deep indigo, to rich purple, to a red-pink. It's a gorgeous polish and I was very entertained watching it shift in different lighting.

This is two coats of Indian Summer. It was easy to apply, I had a little balding when I went to apply the second coat, but I didn't wait for my first coat to dry completely. I would recommend waiting in between coats. I used OPI Matte Top Coat to mattify it and then dotted Vapid Lacquer QDTC on for the raindrops. I used an old bottle of the Vapid TC and it has thickened up a lot, so the raindrops definitely didn't come out perfectly. I would use a newer TC next time to make those perfect looking drops. Overall, I like the effect though, and it was a fun mani to wear.

CrowsToes Indian Summer will be available when CrowsToes re-opens on Friday, February 10. This is the original version of Indian Summer, but it will now be available in four different finishes- Original, Sparked (scattered holo), Linear Holo (self explanatory) and Bleached Holo (densely packed linear holo). I'll be ordering the Sparked version, it's so pretty with just a touch of holo! Check out the CrowsToes shop here- http://www.crowstoesnailcolor.bigcartel.com and Facebook page here- https://www.facebook.com/CrowsToesNailColor/.

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