February 27, 2017

Prep for Spring with Sally Hansen, Rimmel, and Jergens!

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Are you ready for spring? I know I am! We've had a few days of beautiful spring-like weather here recently and I know it'll get cold again, but it gives me hope for the coming season. Today I have a great bunch of products to make you feel like spring is coming, even if it might not be yet where you live. These were promoted originally as Valentine's Day products, but after playing around with them for awhile, I think they are perfect for those first days of balmy warm weather!  Sally Hansen Berry Smooth is the perfect pop of bright pink and reminds me of bright flowers starting to bloom. Berry Smooth is a fuchsia pink creme with a touch of a blue-leaning base.

This is two easy coats of Berry Smooth. It was effortless to apply and nicely opaque. I used the Sally Hansen Color Therapy Top Coat to finish the look. The top coat is really shiny and dries super fast, all the things I want in a top coat!

Sally Hansen Red-y to Glow is a beautiful true red jelly. It's nice and juicy and also has that great balance of being bright, yet also rich looking. The jelly finish is so light and airy feeling, ahhhh!

This is also two coats with the same easy application as Berry Smooth. The top coat adds that megawatt shine that really makes jelly finish polishes pop. I think these Sally Hansen Color Therapy polishes are really excellent and perfect for reviving dried out winter nails. According to Sally Hansen, they have an "argan oil-enriched formula, resulting in intensive nourishment and instant moisture for healthier-looking nails". After wearing one of these for a few days last week, I did notice  my nails were less dry and felt stronger because of the additional moisture.

Sally Hansen Red-ience is my favorite kind of red creme- a bright orange-y red, like poppies in a garden. This kind of orange red just screams spring to me, warm weather seems closer when I wear this color! I'm putting this on my toes ASAP.

Two easy coats again, nice smooth formula. This formula and the accompanying top coat really seem to mask my nail imperfections for a great flawless look.

Rimmel has a new lip gloss called Oh My Gloss! Oil Tint that is absolutely perfect for spring! Both of these glosses went straight into my purse after I tried them for the first time and they have been there ever since. Rimmel says this gloss is "an innovative tint-in-oil gloss formula that’s packed with a blend of four precious oils" and that "the ingenious tint-in-oil system fuses pure pigments onto the lips for a radiant splash of juicy color. The formulation also features a shine flex polymer for a dazzling glossy finish". I guess it's the four precious oils, but these are the best feeling glosses I have tried, possibly ever. I have an extensive lip gloss collection from mid to high end brands (including MAC, NARS, YSL, Chanel, Bite Beauty, etc.) and these feel more comfortable than many of my higher end glosses.

These glosses are meant to be sheer and I like that for spring. As the weather gets warm, I am done with the heavy, opaque mattes of winter. These are fun fresh pops of sheer color. Above, I am wearing Rimmel Master Pink, a pale candy pink. Below, I have on Rimmel Pop Poppy. I think coral pink Pop Poppy is my favorite of the two, but I really love them both. They settle into lip lines a bit, especially if you apply too much, but that's the only downside I can find to them. They both leave behind a bit of a stain even after the gloss fades. For $5.99, these are fantastic and I am going to hunt down a few more colors!

I have been a fan of the regular Jergens Natural Glow for years. My skin is a sickly shade of "ghost', especially after a long winter indoors, and I don't tan naturally. So I rely on products like Jergens Natural Glow for a bit of color (and to make sure my legs don't match my white socks...). This was my first time trying Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow and I am hooked! A couple of hours after my first application, I noticed a hint of color, just something to take the blinding glow of pale snow white away. Then after 3 applications, I had a nice hint of a tan, but nothing orange or fake looking. The fact that this develops gradually after 3 or more applications means there are no streaks- just smooth natural-looking color. The telltale "self-tanner" odor was also significantly less with this product than any other tanner I have used. I will definitely be purchasing Jergens 3 Days to Glow for the upcoming warmer months! 

All of these great products that will help you get in the mood for spring (regardless of whether spring is coming up soon for you or not) are available now at a drugstore near you! Who doesn't need a bright pop of red or fuchsia polish on your toes, a new coral gloss and a fresh faux tan after the slog of winter?!

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