March 18, 2016

A Spring-y Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 36!

*Sent for review*

Sorry for the radio silence around here lately. Longtime readers of my blog know that this happens every March. It's just one of the fun things about being an Irish dance teacher. I barely have time to shower and feed myself, so blogging time is hard to come by. Stick around for another week or so and it will settle down! Today I do have some beautiful Lynnderella spring polishes for you, starting with the stunning Lynnderella Daffy. Daffy is a gorgeous sunshine yellow thermal with pink shimmer. The cold color is a great bright lemon yellow and when it gets warm, it turns to the prettiest super pastel baby chick yellow. The pink shimmer and yellow micro flakes are visible when it is cold or warm.

I used three thin coats of Daffy for these swatches. It was a little sheer and streaky on the first coat, but really evened out nicely with the second and third. I love yellows and I am really excited about the pink shimmer in this one!

Lynnderella Who Put the "Me" in Mermaid is one half of a cute spring set (the other half is called Who Put the "You" in Unicorn?). Lynnderella says this beauty is "made with five different shimmers, iridescent fire opal glitter, bright aqua holographic microglitter and silver holgraphic micro flakes in a pink-shimmered base".  The pink shimmer really shows through nicely and I am still loving these fire opal glitters! So cool!

This is three thin coats of Who Put the "Me" in Mermaid?. It was easy to apply and has a good formula.

Are you ready for summer?? This polish makes me long for summer days at the beach with a great neon pink on my nails! Lynnderella Pink-Up Line is a hot pink with lots of holo microglitter. It's pretty neon, my camera was kind of having a heart attack about it. But it has shimmer in it as well, so it doesn't look chalky the way some neons do. The holo glitter really makes this one special.

This is two flawless coats. You could maybe even do one coat, it's a real winner formula-wise.

Daffy and Pink-Up Line are on now and you can order the spring set with Who Put the "Me" in Mermaid? by emailing

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