February 17, 2016

Vapid Lacquer Puhcock

 *Purchased by me*

My fervor for Vapid Lacquer continues each time I manage to get my hands on a new one. Now the last restock was like a battle to the death AND I was at work when it happened, so I only managed to get one polish from my huge want list, but it's a beaut! Vapid Lacquer Puhcock is a peacock teal green, perfectly balanced between green and blue. It is one of seven new cremes that were just released in the 1/29 restock. Don't worry though, they will be back again! The description of Puhcock from the Vapid site cracks me up, so I am sharing it here- 
"Peacocks are pretty, teal is sort of "peacock," if you will. But i can't every say Pea-Cock, because I'm a jerk and I say PuhCock.
Yes, I'm that annoying.
Say it loud and scare a friend, squak if you love Puhcock! PUHCOCK!! PuhCOCK! hahaha!
Gorgeous shade, in spite of it's silly name. If you want, you can just call it Peacock, but we judge you for it."
So if you were wondering why it's called Puhcock, not Peacock, that's why! ;)

This is two totally flawless coats of Puhcock. It was like butter going on, totally smooth and beautifully pigmented. This is with absolutely no clean-up, it was so easy to control where the polish went. It was also super shiny alone, but I did use one layer of top coat mostly out of habit.

There is a small Vapid restock this Sunday at 12 pm CST at the Vapid store, but Puhcock will not be included in that restock. To stay informed about restocks, like the Vapid page on Facebook.

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