February 19, 2016

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 32!

*Sent for review*

Hope your Friday is going well so far!! Any good plans for the weekend? Tomorrow is my dad's birthday and we are having a little party for him, so that'll be fun! I have some more beautiful Lynnderellas for you on this February Friday, starting with Lynnderella Morello. Morello is a dark cherry wine with silver holographic flecks. The color is sort of red, magenta, burgundy, and purple-y all mixed together, very pretty! It was kind of overcast when I took these photos, but the holo flecks sparkle nicely in brighter light.

This is two coats of Morello, plus top coat for shine. It was easy to apply and nicely pigmented. The flecks are flat and smooth, not at all bumpy.

Lynnderella Clearly Beloved is a new glittery topper that will look perfect over any color! Lynnderella describes it as "clear holographic glitter and shifty blue violet sparks in a lilac-tinted clear base". It really is the perfect topper when you want some extra pizazz! This is one medium-thick coat over Lynnderella Morello.

Here is one coat of Clearly Beloved over OPI Russian Navy, love this one too! Clearly Beloved is easy to apply and covers evenly. Another Lynnderella swatcher put this over a light periwinkle creme and it looked fantastic over that too! I will show it again in the spring over some pastels :).

OMGGGGGG this polish!!!! This stunner is Lynnderella Vanilla Mint Cloud!! True to it's name, it is a pale vanilla-tinged soft cloud-like mint shimmer with silver and teal holo microglitter. The minty base also has some pink and blue-green shimmer that you can see depending on the light and how you move your hands.

This is two coats of Vanilla Mint Cloud. It was easy to apply and is more opaque and pigmented than I thought it would be. With it's pale color, I was expecting it to need three coats minimum, so I was happily surprised!

*Sent for review*

These fabulous new LEs are all available right now on lynnderella.com!

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