November 13, 2015

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 19!

*Sent for review*

Welcome to Lynnderella Friday, late late edition! I am in the throes of my busiest time of year at work- prepping for our regional championship competition. The day got away from me today, but it's not over yet and I have two gorgeous polishes to show you. First is Lynnderella Calming Trend. Calming Trend is a translucent periwinkle shimmer with a pinky lavender glow, almost duochrome effect. This is a stunning polish if you love periwinkles and pale blues like I do!

This is three coats of Calming Trend. I am happy with the coverage here, but it is quite sheer in one coat and still had a lot of VNL at two coats. You could definitely layer this over a periwinkle creme to get the gorgeous shimmer effect if you prefer. It was easy to apply and not streaky at all, so I opted to wear it alone.

*Purchased by me*

Oh man this one is cool! Lynnderella Fall for Jammy is from the fall Glitteracy Program collection, and I don't know why I am just getting around to wearing it now! Lynnderella says this is "a shifty brown holographic microglitter with assorted accents in a clear base".  I see a ton of colors in the microglitter, like green, red, gold, and brown. It looks like Lynn took all the best fall colors in microglitter and mixed them up together. The glitter is so holo too! It's one of those distracting polishes that should come with a warning like "Please use caution when driving while wearing Fall for Jammy. Holo glitter goodness may be distracting".

This is three thin coats. It was pretty much opaque in two, but I usually prefer micro glitters at 3 coats. I used one layer of Essie Gel Setter on top and it is nice and smooth. It applied well and was pretty easy to work with.

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