November 11, 2015

Essie Gel Setter Top Coat Review

 *Essie Gel Setter was given to me as a gift*

I've been meaning to write a quick review of the new(ish) Essie Gel Setter top coat. Lynnderella sent this to me to try with her glitters because she really liked it and I have been loving it as well! This top coat offers a plush, extremely glossy finish. It smooths most glitters in just one coat and makes them really sparkle.  While it is not labeled as a quick dry top coat, it dries very quickly for me, pretty much as quickly as most QDTCs.  I do love the gel-like formula too, it just glides on and never feels thin or draggy.

I used Essie Gel Setter in this recent swatch of Lynnderella The Reason My Heart Beats and it looks so glossy and smooth- love it! This top coat has become my go to for swatching and also the manis I've been wearing.  You can't beat the shine or application, and it even dries fast!

Essie Gel Setter is available at a drugstore near you.

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