November 6, 2015

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 18!

*Sent for review*

Happy Friday everyone! Whew, I can't believe I made it to Friday this week. Somewhere around Wednesday, I thought I was going to pass out for the remainder of the week LOL. But we made it, and it's Lynnderella day, woohoo!! Lynnderella The Reason My Heart Beats is a new LE made with orchid pink holo microglitter and matching metallic and holo small accent glitters. The base is a violet pink jelly, so it's easy to wear this one alone with no base. This is just the prettiest pinky-purple shade of holo microglitter.

This is just two coats of The Reason My Heart Beats. It is super opaque and went on effortlessly. Nice easy way to add some serious sparkle to your nails!!

*Sent for review*

Lynnderella This Mortal Foil is another new LE. This one is a silver foil with a bluish lilac tinge to it. It has mini silver hearts and holographic flecks. It also has "nano, micro and mini holographic stars" according to Lynnderella. Different sizes of baby stars!!! Yay!

This is three thin coats of This Mortal Foil. Depending on application, you may be able to do two coats. It was pretty easy to apply. I did stand my bottle upside down for about 2 minutes to loosen up some of the hearts and stars. Once I did that, they were easy to get on the brushing with no fishing.

 *Purchased by me*

I have a lot of pictures of this next one because it's a thermal!!!! And a stunning one at that! Lynnderella Like Water for Scorpio is the latest in the Zodiac Lover's series and I am a Scorpio, so I had to have this one immediately! When warm, this is a beautiful cherry red glowing glitter. When cool, it transforms to a dark, almost vampy burgundy red. Above you can see it red. I love the finish of this, it's a glitter, but it's so smooth and looks like the glitter is just floating in the base, right below the surface.

Below you can see what happened when I put my nails in cold water. Sorry for the water drops, but it's such a warm day here that when I took the time to dry off my nails, it started to change back to the warm color!

Starting to change back a little-

More changing (this is so so beautiful!!) below. This is three thin coats of Like Water for Scorpio. It was very easy to apply and smooth with one layer of top coat. I am doing this as my full mani tonight!!

*Purchased by me*

Hope you have some fun weekend plans! I am working both days, but I should have some relaxing time in the evenings and I can't wait!

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