September 29, 2015

ILNP First Class

*Purchased by me*

I got my ILNP Fall collection pre-order! Woohoo!! I couldn't decide which beautiful polish to swatch first, so I closed my eyes and picked one at random.  I ended up picking ILNP First Class to show you today! First Class has rich silver metallic flakes and a strong linear holographic flame in the sunlight. In the shade and dim lighting, you notice the super sparkly flakes. They are really blingy and kind of a cross between light silver and a bit of a gunmetal silver. In the sun, you get to see the holographic flame. I like the below picture because you can see the flakes on half the nail and rainbow on the other half! It's crazy how different it looks it different light.

This is three thin coats of First Class. It was opaque in two and I would do two if I were wearing it, but sometimes three is best for photos with this kind of polish. The formula was great, very easy to apply and had a great consistency!

The ILNP Fall collection will go on sale on October 2nd on, are you eyeing anything? I also got Spiced Eggnog, Mountain View and The Road to Awe. Which one would you like to see next?

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