September 13, 2015

Barielle Hot Chic Fall 2015 Collection Swatches!

*Sent for review*

Fall is time for jewel-toned and vampy polishes and Barielle has five great fall shades in their Hot Chic collection for Fall 2015. Barielle Secret Desire is a jewel-like amethyst purple with glowing pinkish shimmer. It looks deep and sort of vampy, but it also is bright enough that it never looks black or muddy, even in low light. The shimmer in Secret Desire is nice and smooth looking, but it's not hidden at all. I like my shimmers to be obvious, personally!

This is two easy coats of Secret Desire. The first coat seemed a little uneven, but the second coat made it very smooth and even and it was nicely opaque.

Barielle Born 2 B Naughty is the perfect dark green creme for fall and winter. It has some blue/teal undertones to it, making it more complex that other dark greens. I am pretty much in love with this shade, it's just the perfect moody teal green for fall.

This is two coats of Born 2 B Naughty and it was very easy to apply. It has nice pigmentation and a good consistency.

Barielle Harley D is a dark chocolate brown with coppery golden shimmer. The shimmer is stronger in the bottle than it is in most lighting situations, although in sunshine it shows up very nicely. You can still see the shimmer in lower light, it's just not quite as strong as it seems in the bottle. I'm so glad you can see the shimmer, because I really love the golden shimmer in the luscious brown. This is possibly my new favorite brown polish!

This is three coats. The formula was thinner than that of the other polishes in this collection. It had a tendency to flood my cuticles, so I suggest not loading up your brush too much and going slowly with the application.

Pumpkin-y orange with golden copper shimmer? YES PLEASE!!! Barielle Orange U Jealous is a delicious combination of a warm orange with gold shimmer. Barielle calls it "burnt orange", but I usually think that is more brown. This is a nice red-toned fall orange, but not brown looking. The shimmer in this is delectable, just perfect!! This is my favorite fall polish of 2015 (so far LOL)!

This is two coats. It was easy to apply and nicely pigmented.

Barielle Sheer Nonsense is not sheer at all, funny enough. Sheer Nonsense is a putty colored creme. It is a combo of off-white, gray and maybe a little neutral sand color. If you're thinking this might be similar to OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, it is not. It is much less white/bright and more warm sand colored, whereas MBSW has cool gray tones.

This is two coats, but Sheer Nonsense was almost a one coater. I think that makes the name "Sheer Nonsense" funnier LOL. It is like the antithesis of sheer, haha. It applied well and is very pigmented. I did a second coat to smooth out any streaks, but it was pretty even.

*Sent for review*

Barielle nailed it with this collection. Orange U Jealous is necessary to my life and I love Born 2 B Naughty and Secret Desire too! The Hot Chic collection is available on

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