December 1, 2014

OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday Swatches, Part 3!

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Wow, I can't believe it's December already! Next thing we know, it'll be Christmas Eve! Today I have the last set of my swatches of the OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday collection. Swatching this collection has definitely put me in the mood to do some holiday manis, so I'm sure you will see some of these colors again soon! If you're looking for a shimmering jewel-like purple this holiday season, check out OPI I Carol About You. I Carol About You is a not too dark grape purple with lots of pinkish shimmer. This is another one of those glowing polishes, so pretty!

This is two coats of I Carol About You. It was a little thin, so be careful not to flood your cuticles. The coverage was good, but I am noticing that my ring nail here looks a little patchy. I also have to tell you that my bottle of this polish smelled TERRIBLE. My friend and I used to look for frogs and snakes near a swamp in the woods behind her house when we were little and this polish smells like that swamp. After I applied top coat and it all dried, it didn't smell at all, so it's not really a deterrent to using the polish, but I wanted to mention it.

OPI I'll Tinsel You In is a graphic black and white glitter topper. It has white bar glitter, large white squares, small black hex glitter and small white and black glitters in a clear base. I always like black and white glitter toppers, they make for a bold look over almost any polish. If you don't already own a black and white glitter, definitely check out I'll Tinsel You In.

This is 2 dabbed coats of I'll Tinsel You In over I Carol About You. The consistency was good and it was easy to apply. The coverage was pretty good in one coat, but I went back just for a few more white glitters to really make this pop.

OPI has been doing lots of gold, silver and copper metallics lately and I am loving it! If I had to wear one color family of polish for the rest of my life it would be gold or silver. OPI Rollin' in Cashmere is different from the golds we've seen recently. It is super pale, almost like a buttery yellow metallic. It is a really soft glowing gold, rather than a brash looking bright gold. I think it will flatter everyone, even people who think gold doesn't look good on them. Nothing says "holidays" to me like gold, so I am happy that OPI included this lovely polish in the holiday collection.

This is three coats of Rollin' in Cashmere, but two coats was nearly perfect. I only did the third coat to try to cover up that terrible cracking situation in my middle nail. Ugh! It's not even officially winter yet and my nails are a dry mess. Rollin' in Cashmere has a great formula, so easy to apply. For a metallic color this pale, the brushstrokes were not very visible in person.

OPI So Elegant is another excellent glitter topper, a bit more unique this time. So Elegant has small black glitters and a couple different sizes of large gunmetal hex glitters in a clear base. I think this will look really cool over a ton of different base colors. I also like that this is not a typical holiday glitter topper. Black and gunmetal are not what you would expect for this season, but it's a nice option over a rich jewel-toned color. This mani may end up being my New Year's Eve mani!

This is 1 dabbed coat of So Elegant over Rollin' in Cashmere. I love this color combo! With the dabbing method, this polish was easy to apply. I didn't have to fish for any glitter, it came out readily. The consistency was good too. I think OPI has been working on the formula of their glitter toppers. Gone are the days of too much goopy base and not enough glitter. The glitters in this collection have just the glitter to base ratio.

Like I said, if I had to choose one color family of polish to wear forever, it would be gold or silver. So it's no surprise that I love OPI Unfrost My Heart, a sparkly bright silver foil. Unfrost My Heart is a really clean-looking silver, no charcoal undertones. I have heard that this is very close to OPI My Signature is DC, but I haven't compared them myself yet. From memory, I would say this is a hair lighter. I don't mind them being similar because I love silvers and I know a lot of people couldn't find the OPI Coca Cola collection, so now they will have a chance to get this beauty.

This is two easy coats of Unfrost My Heart. No clean-up needed, this polish is a dream to apply. It's totally opaque with two coats and the formula was great.

OPI Comet in the Sky is a REALLY cool glitter topper that I had a hard time capturing for you. This may need some more pictures in the days to come. Comet in the Sky has several sizes of black glitter and this really awesome iridescent glitter. It's almost like mylar looking, but it's in nice hex shapes instead of the usual shard shape that mylar is most often found and it's also thicker than mylar. This glitter looks pink, purple, gold, yellow, orange, blue or green depending on the light. It is gorgeous! I had a hard time deciding what base color to use with this. I think the iridescent glitter might pop more over a dark color, but then you'd lose the black. There are also some pieces of metallic gold, silver and gunmetal glitter. It's really a very unique assortment of glitters!

This is one dabbed coat of Comet in the Sky over OPI Angel with a Leadfoot. Comet in the Sky applied really well. I wasn't sure if the iridescent glitters would be hard to get on the brush, but they weren't at all. They behaved quite nicely!

*Sent for review*

Overall, I like the OPI holiday collection. I know a lot of people thought it was very heavy on the reds, but there are still quite a lot of non-red polishes and some of them are really lovely. My stand out favorite of the collection is Kiss Me or Elf!, followed closely by First Class Desires, Red Fingers and Mistletoes, and Rollin' in Cashmere. I also really like the jelly finish reds OPI included. Which polishes from this collection are you eyeing?

The OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday collection is available now at fine salons and Ulta.


Marisa said...

I'm loving the last combination!!!

Ananka said...

These ones are nice. I'm so tempted by those glitters! :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

Me too Marisa! Comet in the Sky is so cool, I will definitely swatch it over something dark too.
I like all of these too Ananka, very fun!