December 17, 2014

Sally Hansen Goldi-Flecks and Over the Rain Blue Swatches!

 *Sent for review*

Sally Hansen has some glitter toppers out right now that could be great in holiday manis or they could offer you a nice break from holiday manis, depending on your color choices! The Complete Salon Manicure line has a new Sequin Overcoat collection featuring 7 glitters top coats with shades ranging from pale blush to sparkling blue. Today I have Sally Hansen Over the Rain Blue for you, a mix of royal blue glitters, paler turquoise glitters and silver bar glitter accents in a clear base. I love the combination of royal blue with the lighter blue!

I dabbed one coat of Over the Rain Blue over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Dabbing is the best way to apply this, the glitter seemed a tad unwilling come out and play. On the bright side, the bar glitters in this polish are kind of short and thick, and I find those to lay flatter and behave better than their longer, skinnier relatives.

Sally Hansen also has three new Big Glitter Topcoats now, including Sally Hansen Goldi-Flecks. Goldi-Flecks has gold bar and hex glitters mixed with either white or very pale silver glitters. In person, they look like white glitter, but I am noticing that in the pictures, they look silver. Maybe they are metallic white, so they're reflecting the light! Or maybe there is white AND silver glitter! Either way, I like the mix of that with the gold. It's more dimensional than just gold glitter.

I found Goldi-Flecks to be pretty easy to apply. This is one dabbed coat of Goldi-Flecks over Sally Hansen Ruby Rush. The glitter was plentiful and I didn't need to fish for it.

*Sent for review*

Sally Hansen Goldi-Flecks, Over the Rain Blue and other new glitter toppers are available at a drugstore near you!


Ananka said...

These are pretty little glitters :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

I like them a lot too!!