April 27, 2014

GOSH Holographic Hero

*Purchased by me*

Hi everyone! Sorry for my couple days of absence here. I was in London for 6 days and got home late Tuesday night. I had blog posts scheduled for my absence and thought I'd have plenty of time for blogging on Thursday. However, my dad went into the hospital Wednesday morning and life has been crazy. He's doing great though and will be coming home tomorrow. Anyway, I was in London for the Irish Dancing World Championships, but obviously had to do a bit of shopping after the competition was over. I made the essential stops in Boots, Superdrug and Primark (for shoes, duh). I'll be showing you the polishes I picked up over the next few days, starting today with GOSH Holographic Hero. Holographic Hero is a silver linear holo with an interesting almost satin matte finish. Holographic Hero is the "re-release" of the famed GOSH Holographic, although to me it is pretty obvious that they are not the same. I don't own Holographic, but it is much more blindingly holo. I found a comparison post by Pretty Kitty Claws, so you can see the difference for yourself. 

Now, with that said, I actually really like this polish. Once you get past the fact that it isn't the same as Holographic, you can see that it's a lovely and unique polish. It is more holo than my pictures show, but it's an interesting, very smooth looking holo flash. The rainbow flash is kind of all over the nail, rather than showing up in bands like some linear holos.

This is three coats of Holographic Hero. The first two coats had a lot of VNL and bald spots (despite letting each coat dry completely before adding another). But the third coat really evened everything out and upped the opacity. I've been spoiled lately by Smitten Polish holos, they make this seem like a PITA.

 *Purchased by me*

I'm glad I got this, it was fairly inexpensive and it's pretty. But I wouldn't shell out a bunch of money to have it shipped over here or anything. If you're in London or the UK, you can get this at Superdrug. The weather was great while I was there, so we took a Thames river tour. Here's the London Eye from the boat!


Ananka said...

I do like Hologrpahic Hero. I don't have the original to compare but I like this one and it seemed to last okay :-)

Primark do some nice nail polishes and shoes, yeahhhhhh!

Never Enough Nails said...

I like it too Ananka,no wish I had the original though too! Primark is coming to the US next year, I can't wait!! I do love it when I can get there :)