February 6, 2014

Lumina Lacquer The Dear Little Shamrock

*Purchased by me*

Today I have the second of two St. Patrick's Day Lumina Lacquer polishes, Lumina Lacquer The Dear Little Shamrock. You can check out my swatches of the other one, Luck O' The Irish, here. The Dear Little Shamrock is a mix of holo green, green and holo yellow-green glitters in various shapes and sizes, including cute little green stars and of course, clovers! It also comes with a bag of extra clovers. I really love the use of the yellow-green glitters here, it makes this different from the myriad of other green glitter polishes I own. You can see a couple of nice examples of this yellow-green glitter in the macro shot below, like that big yellow-green hex at the top left-ish. It seems that a hungry bunny took a bite out of the clover on that nail, but I think that is a random fluke, none of the other clovers I found were missing any leaves!

The Dear Little Shamrock was easy to apply. This is two dabbed coats over Zoya Piaf. The coverage was excellent with just one coat, but I like a LOT of glitter, so I dabbed a little extra on. I do love how Luminas contain SO much glitter, but never feel thick or chunky.

Some people have been wondering how The Dear Little Shamrock and Luck O' The Irish compare to each other, so I have some comparison shots. First, the bottles- Luck O' The Irish on the left, The Dear Little Shamrock on the right. You can see right away that The Dear Little Shamrock has much more of a yellow-green cast to it. Luck O' The Irish also contains a lot more circle glitter and larger glitter pieces overall.

Here they are on the nail, both over Zoya Piaf, left to right: Luck, Dear, Luck, Dear. The circle glitters are very prominent in Luck and they're definitely what you notice right away. Dear has smaller glitter, therefore more dense coverage as well.

For me personally, these two are very different and it's worth owning both. If you are only planning on wearing these once a year on St. Patrick's Day, one would suffice. If you are loving the big holo circle glitter trend, get Luck O' The Irish. Love smaller, dense glitter and yellow-green? The Dear Little Shamrock is for you.

I believe there is a restock of both of these beauties coming up, so check Lumina Lacquer's Facebook page for information.

In other news, we had two snowstorms this week, one on Monday and one on Wednesday. We got around 7 inches in EACH storm, so there is a lot of snow chillin around here. I know someone has been enjoying it though!

Yes, Binx has been out walking on his leash! He is getting so good with it too. He sits patiently while I put the walking jacket on and just trots around outside for a few minutes, smelling everything and watching birds.


Melissa said...

Both of these are pretty but I really like the look of the larger glitter in Luck O' The Irish. Either way, I would totally wear both of them.

Never Enough Nails said...

I'm really into the large circle glitter right now too! But I'm really glad I got both haha :)