February 14, 2014

Born Pretty Store Nail Glitters

*Sent for review*

Happy Valentine's Day! I don't really do anything for Valentine's Day, including nail stuff, so I don't have a Valentine's mani for you today. I do have some really fun nail art stuff that I couldn't wait to play around with from Born Pretty Store. These nail art glitters are a good example. They come in a huge variety of colors and shapes and using them is super easy! These particular glitters come in a set of 12 bottles and I chose the set with holo blue donut holes, yellow flowers, iridescent stars and star cutouts, iridescent orange stars, iridescent purple moons, iridescent coral stars and more. I had a fun time combining these glitters on my nails today! In these first two pictures, I used the blue donut holes, yellow flowers and iridescent stars and star cutouts. 

Next we have holo copper stars and star cutouts, iridescent pink stars, and iridescent white stars and star cutouts. To apply these, I simply stuck them on my nails while my top coat was still slightly tacky. For longer lasting results, you can use a dab of nail glue. These are slightly raised, but if you have a larger area of nail bed, they should lie fairly flat, like they do in the middle of my nails.

Finally, I used the gorgeous iridescent coral stars, iridescent purple moons, and iridescent pink hearts. I LOVE the coral stars, they are my favorite! You will see them again, I'm sure. These are not solvent resistant as far as I know, so you should stick to using them on top of polish.

I didn't use the three glitters below in these looks, but they are the colors of the Irish flag, soooooo, you might see them soon!

*Sent for review*

You can find these glitters here on Born Pretty Store's website. They actually have 6 different sets of colors and shapes, this is set #3. Each set comes with 12 bottles of glitter (bottles pictured above) and one set is $4.59. Don't forget to use coupon code ERJ61 at checkout for 10% off your order!

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