February 4, 2013

I Want to Compose a Love Song for The Polish Bar Love Song

Base: one coat Zoya Get Even
Color: two coats China Glaze Agent Lavender, two coats The Polish Bar Love Song
Top: one coat Poshe
Application: excellent (out of poor, average, good, excellent) (my excellent rating is for Love Song, NOT Agent StreakyMcStreakface)

After trying The Polish Bar Eternal Sunshine, I was pretty excited to try out the other two I got. Today I'm sporting The Polish Bar Love Song. If I were Karen from MBB, I'd probably write a cute love song for this post, describing the many glorious attributes of Love Song. Alas, I lack her amazing writing talents. Love Song is a fantastic combination of purple, lilac and lavender hex glitters, purple hearts, and an assortment of rainbow hex glitters in a clear base. The addition of the rainbow glitters is what really makes this unique to me. The polish is mostly shades of purple, but then you get a yellow, blue, red or green hex mixed in there and it looks so amazing!

Love Song applied really nicely. Both of The Polish Bar polishes I have tried so far have a really great formula. Unlike some indie glitters, they are not thick at all, but still manage to have plentiful glitter. This is two coats applied normally (not dabbed). I didn't get any heart glitter this time, but I noticed a ton of hearts on the bottom. I'll let my bottle sit upside down for an hour or so before I wear this one next time! I guess I'm ready for spring already, since I keep picking very springy polishes to wear! This combination is so great for spring!

Love Song would also look fabulous over pink (for Valentine's Day perhaps?), white, and for a wild card pairing, I'd like to try it over pale yellow. Love Song is available at The Polish Bar's Etsy store right now!

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Angie D said...

I vote yellow, or even orange! I think this is way cute :). I'm ready for Spring as well!

Elizabeth said...

Ooh, how pretty! Your undies compliment it beautifully too, and I love those little pops of highlight colour!

Never Enough Nails said...

Oooooh Angie, I bet it would look great over orange! It really would look fantastic over a ton of colors. I will have to try them all :)

Thanks Elizabeth! Those pops of rainbow glitter really make this polish special for me! So pretty!