February 14, 2013

Angel Food for Valentine's Day-- Lynnderella Angel Food

Base: one coat CND Stickey
Color: two coats OPI Lucky, Lucky Lavender, two coats Lynnderella Angel Food
Top: one coat NYC Grand Central Station
Application: excellent (out of poor, average, good, excellent)

Happy Valentine's Day polish fanatics! I personally don't do much celebrating of Valentine's Day, aside from maybe eating a chocolate treat or two that I purchase for myself. My wise man of a boyfriend did get me a card and a gift certificate to Sephora this year (he knows me so well!!) though! I thought I'd post a soft lavender pink mani with Lynnderella Angel Food for today. I don't wear a lot of pink polish, especially pinks this delicate looking, but man, do I love this!! Angel Food has a very sheer lavender pink base with semi-sheer white hex and square glitter, as well as the most beautiful assortment of shimmer and teeny glitters! There's some fuchsia microglitter and iridescent blue glitter, as well as a sort of wash of pink shimmer (it reminds me of the pink shimmer in RBL Poco a Poco actually).

Angel Food was very easy to apply. The larger glitters came out with no fishing, and there was plenty of shimmer to be found. I only got OPI Lucky, Lucky Lavender recently, and I am SO glad I did! What a gem of a polish that is!! It's such a nice soft lavender, with absolutely no streaks and impeccable self-leveling. I've seen a couple of people use it under Lynnderella Angel Food and I usually try to do something different that you haven't seen with Lynns. But this really is the perfect base, so I couldn't help myself!!

My pictures don't even really capture the magical shimmer that Angel Food has. It's just so pretty! I want to wear this again already!

Lynnderella Angel Food is available on her eBay store.


JQ said...

Angel Food is lovely! What a pretty valentine manicure! Soft and subtle, but far from boring! They look sugary!

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks JQ! I thought it was exactly that- soft, but not at all boring. And yes, it looks like a sugary treat!

**katiebug** said...

This is on my wishlist. So pretty!!

Never Enough Nails said...

It's definitely worth it katiebug! I love it!

Thanks TikiBarbie!